Confused about pvp

Essential reading for us clueless pvp players.

Essential reading for us clueless pvp players.

I need some help understanding pvp. /confused

My questions for the uber-gankers out there:

– Which rewards from the battlegrounds are the must haves for pve toons?

– Is there even a hard rule?

– Why is it even acceptable to have rewards that are good pve options in pvp, which are not also “solo grind-able” in pve?

– Do you think the gear quality will continue in the next expansion, so that pvp for pve continues to be a viable upgrade path?

You see I’m an old grumpy bastard, who used to think he was good at first person shooters when Quake 2 and Unreal Tournament were new. That was pvp in no uncertain terms. For a while I learnt maps, played a lot, and had a machine that made other gamers cry. I pwned before the concept of tea-bagging was popular.

Over time my attention for fast twitch games waned, my reflexes slowed, and I didn’t give much thought to pvp like activities. Then I started playing wow, and the idea of killing others in a somewhat fair competition was again an option. It wasn’t immediately exciting, and being on a pve server I chose not to do PvP. I figured I leave it to the kids, they’ll get excited about it, and stay out of my pugs.

But now I see pvp gear that would be very handy as pve rewards, and I’m told that pvp is not too hard and all you need to do is grind out the time. Battlegrounds especially are highlighted as a domain of severe disparity between the can’s and the can-nots, but if you’re killing to die over and over, you can get the gear. I was also warned that the time sink is huge to get the valuable gear.

To qualify this I started grinding BG Honor to get a Paladin main weapon upgrade. A prot pally with some resilience gear seems darn hard to kill (insert cockroach joke by BRK), but altogether useless at anything but defense. I have literally announced the incoming attack by 3 goons, and survived the time it took my comrades to run from the other side of the EotS map to defend the node. Then the screen cleared I was still standing on our node.

A typical pvp game for my pally is:
/Say “I’ll sit on MageTower, and yell when they’re inc.”
/cast rank 1 Consecrate
/cast Perception
[repeat till in combat, overwhelmed, or sap’ed]

Arena seems like a hot blooded gank fest. I have no doubt that it takes extreme amounts of skill and effort to get to the top ranks, and that you need to be devoted/organised to get the anywhere close to the top gear. Meh, I’m casual by choice as well as circumstance and a 3 minute death parade holds no value.

Battlegrounds appear to have a tad more story and strategy, but I can’t get a real picture on what roles to do, or what strategies are valid. If these strategies exist, then why are they not followed? That would be like trying to do a pve boss with a totally inappropriate group. Just silly.

Zone pvp seems the most natural expression of pvp, and indeed the most logical. A contested area that can be controlled and defended by the players in the area at the time is a great concept. But the it is very difficult to balance the needs of the pve levelers and the pvp zone players.

For now my plan is to ignore the logic, and sit in BGs till I have enough honor for my upgrade. Ignore the boredom, ignore the fools, and ignore the afk players. It seems a poor way to play, but the rewards are otherwise achievable.


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  1. If you’re interested in learning about playing PVP to win not just honour grinding I highly recommend reading Out of Mana and Critical QQ. Both Megan and Euripedes write very intelligently about it.

    Why does no-one do the logical strategic thing in a BG? Well think about it this way – it’s a massive pug with often no clear leader.

    A good way to learn is to a) pvp a lot and b) get into some premade groups where people actually know what they are doing and work as a team.

    As you gain in confidence and experience you’re then more likely to show leadership in a BG. If you care to that is.

    I find PVP both frustrating and exhilarating by turns.

    As for Arena, you can get most of the S3 gear which is good quality without having to have a mad rating. It’s just a matter of playing your 10 games per week.

  2. I think one of the keys to it as a primarily PvE oriented player, it to play BG’s for enjoyment, not for the loot.

    If you are doing it for the fast grind (as in any grind, AH, Rep, XP etc), then the gloss quickly fades.

    If you can afford to do a bit occasionally, but regularly, then it becomes another enjoyable part of the game.

    However, in your situation…
    1) If you hit a hot PuG, then click on the relevant battlemaster the second you are out of the BG. Chances are you will get 60%+ of them in your next group.
    2) If you are having a bad run (or getting tired of the general asshattery), change BGs.
    3) Protecting objectives, while sometimes a yawnfest, is also a great way to ease yourself into PvP and battlegrounds. While calling incs etc, you can watch the flow of the game and get a good idea on what works… and what doesn’t (not so easy if you are participating in a what doesn’t, because you are probably in the thick of it)

  3. Hi,

    I’ll take a shot at some of your Q’s. I don’t claim to be hot stuff, tho. In EotS I’m usually the one making the other 14 look good. 🙂

    Gear – All the PvP gear you earn will be superior to any gear you find by leveling or off the auction house. Raid gear takes at least as long to aquire and it’s much harder to find a raid group that can actually get it and that will stick together long enough for you to get yours.

    PvP gear is more oriented towards survivability, raid PvE gear is more towards taking down the bosses, so damage, group help, tanking., etc.

    As I understand it, with a few exceptions, the best raid gear isn’t so hot for highlevel PvP and visa versa.

    I agree with Jez and Gnome. I do PvP because I find it mostly fun. Get rid of the “we must lose now!” crowd (and the AFKers and the… ) and it would be even more fun.

    There are a few team players in the BGs, even in PUGs. It’s fun when we can get together and get something done, even when we lose.

    I like the arenas, too, but they also have the “let’s lose ASAP and get our points” crowd.

    When I started in the BGs, in my full set of greens, I was completely lost. But every once in awhile someone in chat says something intelligent and you can learn from that.

    If you call out INCs you’ll get more help than if you don’t. Same with taking objectives. Chat it up and you’ll get more than if you don’t.

    Will the gear become obsolete in the next expansion? Probably. My guess is that PvP gear won’t change a lot, but people are already seeing some Wrath greens (in the beta) that are comparable to BC epics.

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