Why all races for Death Knights?

Why can all races be DeathKnights? I respect that making it this way keeps the choice open to everyone, and will cut off any suggestion of a racial bias. My litmus test for the choices below was to consider if the race already has string Lore about being torn between good or evil, or if a fall from grace would be a great story hook.

You’d also have to consider that the Death Knights must have some sort of requirements to get trained. I know anyone can be evil, but sheesh; some folks just don’t look the part.

How much more evil would a Gnome need to be to get actually taken seriously? Somebody will call their Gnome DK “Mini-Me”, and far far worse. A good RP movie would be a gnome trying to get accepted.

On my “no” list is Night Elves (they have their dark side in Blood Elves), Gnomes (just can’t figure them being corrupted evil doers). Tauren and Trolls could be suitable, but I can’t see much lore in either way to sway one way or the other. We’ve seen evil trolls all through the game already without a gothic feel, in fact everything Trolls do in game tends toward the tribal feel. Tauren males look very sinister, but there is still little in teh way of lore about their coruption, evil acts, or general disgruntlement.

Keeping it to 3 races for each side of the war keeps it simple (artwork, character models, gear, etc). But I’m happy that everyone will have the opportunity to create what they like; that’s nice too. Hugs.

My list would be:

  • Human (A) – They are as corrupt and holy as we all are, it makes sense.
  • Dwarf (A) – The dark iron dwarfs are already in game as evil folks, and the dwarfs have a code
  • Draenei (A) – A fall from grace for these guys is a serious path. Lots of potential there.
  • Blood Elf (H) – Very suitable. Hungering for magic is one thing, and the Death Knight is another logical step on the same path.
  • Orc (H) – Very suitable due to the previous corruption by Warlocks in the past.
  • Undead (H) – Perfect. Unholy, undead, and unstoppable!

11 thoughts on “Why all races for Death Knights?

  1. No other class can be any race in the game can it? Why start now?

    I’m with you. nelfs and nomes go no business being death knights!

  2. If gnomes can be warlocks and/or warriors lore-wise, then they can sure become death knights. just think of death knights as warlocky warriors, then it makes sense in that regard. If you want a sense of loss that would drive certain gnomes towards this lifestyle, then look no further than gnomeregan. Any gnome living in Ironforge and currently alive has been a part of the Trogg assault on gnomeregan, and to have lost your home and possibly loved ones is quite enough to drive you towards this lifestyle.

  3. I have actually seen a really good machinima which featured a “hardcore” gnome and it was rather believable =P I think it’s hard to pull off, but can be very well done.

  4. I do sort of agree with you here, although my biggest problem isn’t with the gnomes, it’s with the Tauren! They are such nature-loving tree-hugging peaceful beings that I just cannot see them becoming Death Knights.

    Although I suppose all the races are sentient beings, and therefore have the ability to become corrupted and eeeevil!

    But yeah, I suppose Death Knights are kind of like a Warrior/Warlock combo – but I also couldn’t see Taurens as Warlocks!

  5. Just keep in mind that when you play as a deathknight, lore wise, you did not “choose” to be one. You died fighting the scourge, and Arthas choose to resurrect you into one of his finest. Doesn’t matter what race you are.

    That’s the lore explanation as to why all classes can be deathknights. It’s not a path the characters take, slowly becoming currupt and offering thier service to the Lich King. Your dead, your will is stripped from you and you are conscripted into service. Make the most of it 🙂

  6. OK, the gnomes as Warlocks justification makes sense in terms of game stuff that is already present. Good point KrizzlyBear. And I can accept Gnomes as Warlocks, as they might have been Mages who started playing with demons.

    Drz196 makes a good point too about the dead toon being risen by Arthas for service, but then our DKs will turn away from him to fight against him? He’s not much of a Lich King or leader is he…

  7. Agree with the list… NE’s and Tauren, if you go by Lore, are too nature based to even be considered Death Knights

  8. I think the thing you are all missing is that this is a storyline that has been created previously. These Death Knights are resurrected dead to serve the Lich King. They are of every race that fell to his Scourge.

  9. Good point Manuel.

    So when raised they are independent or will-bound to the Lich King? Serving as unwilling slaves does not make for good soldiers, and if a Paladin was raised wouldn’t they wish to return to the Light?

    Unless I suppose the way the LK raised them has permanently ruined their connection to the Light, and so they only have the DK powers that remain.

  10. Yes but why oh why would he want to raise a gnome?
    Can’t we just round them all up and seal them permanently in Gnomeregan?

  11. I’ll go along with that as long as it stays sealed. Last thing we need is some moldy glowing Gnome mutants running around. Actually that wouldn’t be so different.

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