An Uncrushable Paladin

After tweaking, grinding gear, and spending a fortune on mats and enchantments, my Paladin is now Uncrushable. This opens opportunities to main tank Karzhan and may other places, and means that as long as I watch my upgrades carefully; I should only be improving HP and Damage from now onward.

I did have to watch Diamon’s stat and item configuration, and also sacrifice some HP for the Uncrushable status. That’s the beauty of gear sets, for the trash I have more HP and more SpDam, but for bosses they can swipe as hard as they like and I just stand happily.

I still will need to manage Mana/Hp return vs. Threat generated, and I’m really looking forward to seeing exactly how hard these nasty bosses can be.

Might have to make a macro for Prince – “You think thats air you’re breathing? Interesting”.

1 thought on “An Uncrushable Paladin

  1. Such a change in game stats with Uncrushable being removed. All that Avoidance gems and buffs will be replaced by threat generation.

    Tanking will be interesting.

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