Observations from the Edge

Had an interesting week this week. Started doing some BGs which has been a learning experience, got my act together and started planning what to do for rep and gear improvements a little better, and swore at ton at folks who were not using a threat-meter (get Omen2, for the love of god…).

Battlegounds are a strange and constantly changing place.

As far as tactics I know there is a subtle game that you have to learn, but it really seems that the experience is very random. Some players are good at communicating, and others seem deliberately bad. All part of the learning curve I guess.

Here are the few things that tweaked my interest.

1. While doing some lowbie questing an Orc named Orcillia (or some such inventive name) decided to camp the NPCs at Honor Hold. Kill, kill, emote, dance, kill; repeat ad-nausem.

I don’t get this behavior when the game is designed to give in-game rewards for actual pvp activity. He seemed to be getting a real kick out of it, and took the time to emote and yell as he did so. Maybe he was in a roleplaying mood, and the normal battlegrounds were too focused on actual success. When I checked back 30 minutes later he was still at it.

2. While doing an AB battleground, a warrior on my side insulted me for dying. Something like “great death loser”, which was odd considering I died defending the Farm flag point, and my corpse could not have been closer. I though that it was best to stand directly on the flag point? Not sure there – but then it was only my 3rd battleground ever, so I’m very new to the tactics.

3. Omen, Omen2 or KTM is fine, but having no threat-meter sucks.

As I keep puging I keep finding players who are not running threat mods. I’ve heard the arguments about why these are not good as there is no consistency, and I still disagree. In the last week the player that was not running a meter pulled aggro – from an OK geared pally. In normal circumstances I’s say he had to be almost trying, and the healer and other DPS had no issue keeping it together.

Whats worse was that when he pulled it he ran away from me, and still kept doing damage.

I understand that some folks are using different tools, but at least they are using something to try and hook into each others threat position. When you get the final boss on a heroics run to 1% and 2%; but the same damn fool keeps dying then you know there is a problem focused in a particular part of the team. Having the indicator there might be enough of a subtle warning to slowly change habits.

4. The Outlandish Podcast has been getting some play on my iTunes of late, and I was stoked when they mentioned an email of support I’d sent in. Its like listening to a Vent channel, or watching Guild-Chat,  these guys actually know what they’re on about and avoid the Chuck Norris jokes. Made me jump when I heard my name, so here is a small plug for the cast.


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