Paladin gear improves (slowly)

Diamon the Paladin was able to finally do a successful Shadow Labs run over the weekend, which dropped both the Shoulders of the Bold, and the Adamantine Figurine. Both items were next steps on my upgrade list, and the shoulders mean Diamon no longer has green gear.

Next improvements are easiest found in Kara, with leg, chest, trinket, and shoulder items the new targets. Another advantage of Karazhan runs is he badges, which might be better upgrades anyway. Main hand weapon upgrade would be nice too, and AB battle grounds look to be the choice there.

I don’t like pvp, but maybe it’ll be worth it. Also need to work on Aldor, Keepers of Time, and Shatar reputation; as good enhancements are three too. I know a slight leg kit upgrade could be purchased for about 175g, but that’s a bit rich on a blue leg item.

More upgrades to follow soon.