10 WoW Memories

What are the events that stick out in your mind as definitive in your WoW lifetime?

Damn good question posted by these guys (Automagica, Gnomeaggedon, and many others).

Here is my list in no particular order, and it has to be said that picking a 10 list of anything you like is hard, and you could easily have a 10 list for raids, players, groups, items, names, guilds, monsters, bosses, tabards, wipes, spells; anything really.

1. Onxyia Attunement chain quest – because it was an RP storyline built into the core of the game. Killing her was great too, but the walk through Stormwind to the Keep was really electrifying.

2. Kara & Molten Core Attunement – because it meant I could go to MC & Kara for the first time. Both experiences were amazing, and who does not love the first time in an instance.

3. Warlock Fear/Tank/Spam – When I realised that I could fear one mob, use the Voidy to tank with my DoTs, and then direct kill another; I was very pleased. It taught me good use of the Warlock diversity, and also what can be done at a pinch when things go wrong.

4. Learning to laugh – when I get slapped by trash by accidently pulling aggro. For a long time my gear was so bad that I could not pull aggro even if I tried; then over time I had to learn what to do when I did; then finally how to avoid it. Every now and then you make that mistake; and it hurts, but the message is ingrained in my mind now. Laugh off the odd mistake that anyone makes, and you’ll be happier overall.

5. Defias Quest Chain – is an excellent series of quests that I’ve done on all my Alliance characters. Good XP, good story, and great rewards along the way. Its also not just Van Cleef, but continues as a thread through the game. Getting the two aples for the Robot’s female disguise was priceless, “why do you need two apples…..oh!…:)”.

6. The Endless Grind – The repeat grinding of Instances for gear will be one of the key things that I will always remember about WoW long after its over. This is a negative memory, and if I had to rank it, it would be around 3 or 4 on the list. I hate doing an instance over and over for one drop – it feels pointless. I hope in the future there is less grinding for reputation and drops, and more gradual rewards, like Badges.

7. Epic Slabs Slaughterhouse – we did an over geared Shadow Labs run with a few guildies who clearly should have been doing the Heroic version. It was a blitzkrieg, I don’t think the Instance knew what hit it. By the end I didn’t get the drop we were after, but I did see the way a great player can control the fights in many ways. Everyone was going gung-ho, but still keeping an eye on each other. My toon was the newbie, so the colours were damn pretty.

8. Getting “special” gear – There have been a massive number of items that I have been pleased to get; and really this could be a list of 100s of items. However these few really stick out: Pally healing gloves from Hakkar in ZG (leet-gear), the Scarlet Tabbard from SM (style over substance), the Purple Nether-ray from Skettis rep (speedy fun), the Frozen Shadowweave set on the Warlock (long grind of achievement), and the Tankatronic Goggles and Darkmoon card: Vengeance (both are very very cool) on my Paladin.

9. Avoidance and Acceptance – Accepting my position as a really casual player was the first step, and then outwardly considering this when trying to plan what I do with my time in Warcraft was a game changing moment. No longer getting frustrated by not getting invited, or not feeling embarrassed when I had to say no.

For a while I would avoid playing as I felt guilty about not progressing fast enough, or not supporting my friends in game. I was never hardcore, but this played on my mind. In the end it was a bit of guild drama that really taught be about my casual attitude; and demonstrated who I like to play with online (details are really trivial in retrospect).  I still feel like playing all the time, but that game of balancing your priorities is now only stressful in rare circumstances.

I also deeply respect the guys who are more serious about their time online, they are really praiseworthy, as through them I get to see the edge of the end-game.

10. Goldshire RP session – A long time ago a few folks did some lowbie roleplaying in Goldshire. There was no dodgy back room antics (so stop giggling), and these guys really played in-character the whole time. Most have moved on to other stuff, and I’m thankful that I saw how good a rolepaying session in an mmorpg can be. Kudos for teaching me a thing or two that night.


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