Scarlet Crusade t-shirt

An inventive wow fan (called That Guy’s) has created the Scarlet Crusade tabard pattern as a t-shirt design. I want one, now! WoW Insider’s Tabard post was where I found it, and a gallery of shots.

This got my mind ticking over about the other tabards, but really I think Scarlet Crusade is one of the best, and as it looks good in-game, and would translate very well in real life.

Given that I use the tabard on my pally, its perfect.


4 thoughts on “Scarlet Crusade t-shirt

  1. I’m am so tired of looking at those horrible green shoulders.
    Let’s get some normal Bot runs going and farm up the righteous spaulders.
    Either that or do some pvp and pick up the S2 ones.

  2. Sounds good.

    My luck has still been horrid, done a few Bot and SL runs recently and still nothing.

    I suppose anything with Stam and Def is a go, and the S2 shoulders have a stack of Stam and could be gem’ed to have defense. Does it take long to get 11,250 hon, and 20 marks?

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