Highlights of patch 2.4.3

Patch 2.4.3 notes have been posted, and I like them. There seems to be a huge focus on lower level content and peripheral things like non-combat pets and fashion. Also some bug-fixes that I had no idea were around.

My highlights are:

  • New junk to buy from Haris Pilton, but most importantly a 22 slot bag for 1200g. Sheesh that’s expensive, but certainly accessible (just like the personality). Its also BoE so you can send it to somebody as a gift – how very Paris.
  • Mounts at level 30, is a great change. Its a significant sign that you are making progress, and will help accelerate the leveling process. Also added are some new mount types and skins, but thats guff-guff compared to all the new level 30-32 characters who were previously abandoned.
  • Warlocks – Curse of Everything! The CoE and CoS have been combined into CoE, so that Warlocks now have one Curse for added damage rather than two. Huzah. Nothing that I was looking for, but a great benefit for raids that have more than one Warlock. Now one Lock can keep everyone happy, and the other can use a different Curse for fun and pleasure.
  • Mining – green gems are back. Nice.
  • Tailoring – More recipes (about frigging time), and removal of the Mooncloth cool down. 28 slot Herbalism pouches are exciting, but I suspect we may need Sporegar Rep to get it. Hope not, or those Naga are going suffer in their thousands.
  • Summoning from a Heroic to a Raid will work – Good. I thought I had already done this, but cant really recall.
  • Shattered Sun Pendant of Acumen – now works with DoTs – Nice, now I want one.

(MMO-Champion has the list I used)

2 thoughts on “Highlights of patch 2.4.3

  1. I wonder if the Haris Pilton bag is D&G, Gucci, or whatever is the newest big name to be had…

    I don’t expect to have another alt under 30 any time soon, but quicker access to mounts does sound tasty. Not as tasty as new tailoring patterns, though – seriously, yum.

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