A PuG Swearjar

After the past 3-4 days pug’ing runs I’m depressed. The one run that did finished cost 27g in repairs and only a few badges because we had to skip a boss. The rest were worse, which means we were wiping all over the place, and didn’t even finish. Nagrand heroic puggers are at least 20% horrid, and by that I mean that most groups I see have at least 1 guy who should not be there.

So, here is a new tactic. A PuG Swearjar. Rather than get angry and rave in guild-chat (because I have a blog for that), I’ll put a $1 into a jar and save for something nice.

This way there is a little positive light on every bad event. Each wipe, unnecessary death, group break-up, or otherwise bad even involving a pug will help me accumulate some play money. I could have a new widget soon, and if it continues this way for months; probably a plasma TV.

We used to have a pug channel on my old server for known good players, and something like that would be very handy. Anyone out there on Nagrand?


3 thoughts on “A PuG Swearjar

  1. If you’re anything like me and, to be honest, the mere suggestion could be taken as deeply offensive, I’ll have to ask:

    How big is the jar?


  2. Lol, I’m starting with a 500g pasta sauce jar, and I’ll upgrade as time passes.

    Great comment Bullet! I suspect I’m very similar to you.

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