Why I will roll a Death Knight

Altitis posted about why he will definetely roll a Death Knight, and it got me thinking. His reasons were due to the immediate level 55 toon, and be an immediate Tank. Yep, I get that and agree totally.

However I’ll be rolling one for a few more reasons too. Firstly they will have new content, and I love to see contents so thats an absolute given. Blizzard will have to spend at least some time making the DK starting area something worth being in.

Secondly I need to understand them as a class. As one of my primary toons is a tank, I will need to understand how the DK can be applied to a group; and the best way I have found to do that is actually roll one. I also have a Warlock and its not often that a Warlock will surprise me with a tactic that I have not seen or done before. The Death Knight offers a potential for a new range of abilities and I want to know them all. Especially as I think we will see an absolute truckload of them on every server.

And thirdly I’m an Alt-a-holic, so there is no way i wouldn’t be playing one in some capacity. I might wait a few days so that I’m not standing next to every other level 55 DK saying “LFG pls”.