Blue owns a PuGing Tank

one of these days AliceWhat started as a reasonable expression of frustration from a Tank about how he runs PuGs turned sour for him on the forums. The abbreviated version is so direct and is about as subtle as a sledge hammer on heat. I laughed, have a read.

It seems this Tank is also somebody you’d not want to group with, and this strikes to the heart of the player skill crisis in wow.

We all expect an awesome performance from the players we group with, but also expect a little tolerance for screw-ups. Its a give and take thing. But not having spent all your talent points is such a poor failing that you’d hope he has an incredible reason.

I call this a player skill crisis as IMHO its not the toon that is the real issue, its the idiot-meat-sack using the computer which is often the biggest letdown. A bad player won’t know how to react when things go bad, won’t communicate well, often won’t have a threat meter; but most of all won’t know their limitations. Limitations are a soft area when leveling, and its tempting to place yourself in a harder instance to get slightly better rewards. A new 70 should know that they are not ready for Heroic runs, and should keep working on other gear. But I think greed takes over, and sometimes they group-up and try for the best.

Take my Paladin for example. He has a mix of blue and purple gear, can tank anything non-Heroic and an easy Heroic; but some runs I just won’t do. H-mode Botanica for example would be harsh. Till my gear improves I happier running Kara as an off-tank, and doing runs to get the odd upgrade and badges. I choose to only run when I know the other players are aware that I am still gearing up, and also happy to run easy instances for Reputation rewards. Would I like to try Kara as a Main Tank, hell yes, but I’m not up to the needed specs yet.

So in the spirit of the tank who posted in that thread: I expect you to only come along on a run if you have the gear, time, and patience to do it well. If its a 66 instance and you’re in mostly blue gear, all well and good, but if you’re looking for a H-mode Shadow Labs please expect to get booted if you’re not prep’ed for a challenge.

It only takes one bad player to make a run hurt, don’t be that person.


4 thoughts on “Blue owns a PuGing Tank

  1. Then as I scroll through the Blizzard forums I find a retraction from the tank:

    Believe if it was a troll or not, I don’t care.

    But I find it really humorous how many people took offense to what I said while bored at work.

    Make all the posts in my guilds and/or realm’s forums, it just creates more hilarious responses. Anyone who’s played with me knows my original post is not my actual stance on things.

    To be fair to the community at large this retraction is rubbish, and Gelin should be responsible for what he says. There was not a /rant warning, a smiley face, or a /jk inteh post; so it looks serious to me.

  2. Firstly, I must say that I do agree – I think that we all expect a certain level of competency and skill from the players we group with, and hope that they won’t overstep their bounds when grouping. It makes you the better player for knowing when you can and cannot do things. Other people just cannot understand that – more’s the pity. If I’m PuGging for an instance, and I feel I’m on the cusp of being able to heal it well, I’ll let my group know, so they can make the call – if we can compensate for it (tank being a little better geared than normal) I’ll make the run. If they choose to have someone else heal, I understand and am not offended.

    But the more entertaining aspects of this whole situation is how he massively backpedaled after the blue posted, and in response to everyone else’s comments. I do agree with you, I think that the original post was made in all seriousness.

  3. It would have been better for entertainment value if he had at least tried to defend himself, instead of using the old line “jez, I was kidding, anyone who knows me, lol”. But I think it became obvious to him that he’d over stepped his capacity in a few areas.

  4. I just puged H-Mech and the healer was in blues with Frozen Shadow-weave Shoulders….um, wtf.

    After about 12 wipes and a repair bill which was off the scale, I’m starting to think the same “get geared, or get lost” attitude has a permanent place in my mind.

    Its just not fun to wipe your way through a place that should be far easier.

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