Diamon’s epic flyer

Diamon\'s Epic Flyer - Red GryphonToday my Paladin finally has an epic flying mount. To get it I sold a huge amount of mats banked over the last few months, and stripped all the gold from my other toons. It is well worth it. That makes x2 epic flyers now, and I have no interest in a 3rd. Larger pic here.

The speed is excellent, especially when combined with his Crusader Aura.


One thought on “Diamon’s epic flyer

  1. Grats Andrew! I know how long you’ve been working on that!

    I’m really hoping to get my epic birdie form on Seph but it’ll be a long haul.. especially since I’m getting new gear out the wazoo thanks to being the most undergeared person in our Aussie Kara raid (teehee) so I seem to be in a constant state of gemming and now looking to get some decent enchants!

    At least I still have all of the quests from just into Blades Edge to complete for moar gold!

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