Armory on your iPhone

A dev named SaladFork has created an Armory web page optimised for the iPhone. That right folks – you can now browse toons on the Armory using a custom webpage built for mobile devices. The author has put a good deal of effort into the initial beta version, and my quick testing found it worked a treat. Take a look here, or the home page

For me this is a great form of convergence: wow + iphone = geek fun anywhere.


2 thoughts on “Armory on your iPhone

  1. Looks ok, and the more tools in the iPhone Armory space the better imho. A shame that you need the updated firmware and a legit phone, as I’ll not be risking turning my phone into a brick to add any of those apps; which is why the web based solution is still very good.

    If an app needs the web to be affective, then using a browser makes a lot of sense.

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