Be a casual. Kill Vash.

Jez at DPS We Deliver has a good post about what level of dedication is needed for steady progression. The contention is that you can raid seriously once per week and still make progress through the end-game content (her guild is almost through SSC and TK). Thats certainly making good progress, and she coined the phrase “relaxed raiders”, which I like to call “softcore”. Bravo guys.

However she also mentions that they do Kara and ZA as unplanned events on other nights as they have most of them on farm. What this means to me is that they have a guild that has been around for a long time, and has a core of regular good players – and thats important. If your players are online all the time, but they consistently screw up the basics, then you’ll never get through any serious 25 man content. The reason is that during the hard raids a few key mistakes will mean a failed attempt. Not to mention sometimes the game conspires against you with a bit of bad luck.

In a 10 man having 1 in 10 people not on their game is not always critical, and having 2 can cause serious issues (unless its a healer or tank – then you’re pooched). For example we did a Kara run recently where a few people kept making basic mistakes on Shade of Aran. Moving during flame wreath, not targeting/killing the elementals quickly, not running to the edge when Aran arcane blasts, and all round not paying attention or following instructions. We got Aran down eventually, but it was frustrating to keep running back in, and it seemed that a few of the guys who messed up in Aran were also making odd errors through out the rest of the run. (It may also have been one player’s first time in Kara, so a certain amount of forgiveness is allowed)

In 25 man runs the same ratio of people not in-the-game make the run so much harder. It might become 4-5 people not doing the right thing, and that just means wipes. What I suspect is that her guild has been around long enough to train the players to do the right thing, and that the players they take on the 25 man runs are always paying attention. They are the “casually hardcore” (which I’ve posted about before). When they run they do it properly, and they have a big guild with like minded players.

So the end difference between us is the type of players – they bring their game to end-game. Otherwise they couldn’t quickly clear Kara, or get a successful ZA run going on an off-night. I only see the end-game now and then (RL things to do on guild raid nights), but have seen many folks make basic mistakes. We get told to get in the water for Lurker – you get in the water; pronto. Keep killing, healing, buffing, etc, but do it while floating. I needed to do the fight once to get the idea and pattern down, but then it was easy. Two wipes later and I was wondering how in hell some guys were still getting blown backwards by the spout. Its not like its a subtle effect.

So for my guild to progress I guess the guys upstairs need more serious player on the raid nights, and should really start to take stock of the players who are off their game a lot. We’re recruiting more players at the moment, so there is real promise for the guild. That means taking the dedication up a notch, and also speaking to the under performers directly. Perhaps a gentle chat will help the guys bring a better game on raid night. That, or make the invites private and veto the guys who pooched it last time.

In a nut shell: get the good players, and progression will follow.

This might all be a bit rude of me to write about given that I don’t contribute much to the guild progression, but I’ll say this preemptively – if I ever get the opportunity you can be sure I’ll be paying attention.

Damn I wish I was free on Fridays (not really honey, date night is highest priority, honest).

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  1. I’m glad you found my post interesting 🙂

    I should point out that it’s only Gruuls/Mags that we do spontaneously. We have several Kara raids that happen regularly during the week – which are mostly for gearing alts and some of our newer guild members as well as badge farming. There is also a mid week ZA for the US guys and we’ve just started a Sunday ZA composed of probably some of the most ‘high end’ raiders in the guild with the aim of beating the timers and getting bear mounts. Plus ZA is fun since many of us haven’t been back there since we started T5 content.

    The other thing I should mention is that our weekly 25 man raid is not all guildies we also have several non guild regulars and subs who have been with us since Gruuls.

    Back in March I wrote a post about our first trip to SSC and how the guild got there that details some of the changes we made to get more serious and therefore more successful which you might find interesting/useful since it sounds like your guild is in a similar place:

  2. It should be possible to clear SSC. Heck with the gear that’s available now from PvP and badges you can out gear SSC and TK without ever entering the instances (give or take the odd trinket).
    Our guild is small enough that it takes pretty much everyone to be online to make an all guild run and that means that you do take some sub-par players.
    We can’t do SSC because people don’t bother reading the strats or listening when what’s required is being discussed.
    We’ve downed Hydross purely b/c the tanks know how to hold aggro and we have some great healers.
    Every single wipe we have can be traced back to dps not stopping dots or not moving across the threshhold and continuing dps on the transitions.
    All I can say is thank god for MD as 1 sunder is about all the time I normally get before all out dps resumes after transition.
    It doesn’t help when you have dps warriors who when asked to OT refuse to strap on a shield and change some gear. Probably b/c they are a slave to the meters. As someone who specs whatever is required and has geared up a toon for each role, did the research to find out what specs, what gear, what gems/chants and takes feed back on board and learns from it – I find these people to be scum of the earth on top of the fact they hold us back from making progress.

  3. We boot these people from our raids. I would suggest looking outside of the guild for quality regulars and telling the subpar performers to pick up their game if they want to participate.

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