A new old helm

Quick post to flaunt my Warlock finally getting his T4 Helm from Prince. Karazhan is mainly a badge run for me, and the helm I replaced was only about +10 spell damage behind the T4 and had better stats. Still, I’m happy. I’ve passed on that roll about 3 or 4 times so that others could get it, and the other night I was the only eligible toon. Huzzah!


Be a casual. Kill Vash.

Jez at DPS We Deliver has a good post about what level of dedication is needed for steady progression. The contention is that you can raid seriously once per week and still make progress through the end-game content (her guild is almost through SSC and TK). Thats certainly making good progress, and she coined the phrase “relaxed raiders”, which I like to call “softcore”. Bravo guys. Continue reading