Multiboxing Trial

I’m experimenting with multiboxing for powerleveling at the moment, by running a 17 Druid around behind a 40 Mage and 70 Paladin (at different times). Three Druid Noob has a post for this today; and I thought I’d write about my experiences so far (have a read of his blog post too, as everything he says is accurate IMHO).

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I think I can scam this…

I was reading random blogs at lunch today and found a screen shot of an NPC in Exodar. It got me thinking…

I bet I could put my warlock in crappy gear that looks like NPC clothes, make a guild called <Master Leatherworker>, and stand next to this guy in the image. Then all have to do is charge a heap for each wrapped gift sold via trade.

It could make Grifter look nooby at scamming toons. OK, i wont, but sheesh thats close to my toon name.

Instance server was down (depressed?)

We had a run for an hour or so, and then found Kara impossible to complete. Not because of lack of skill, but because of a Instance Lockout. The delay cost us 1+hrs, and really derailed me for a while afterward.

But almost all the group was able to come back, and we cleared a few more bosses (Maiden and Nightbane). Its all badges for most of the guys, but I scored some gear for Tanking and off-spec too.

It was strange to think that while the lockout was in affect our toons were trapped in Karazhan. Made me think of those poor guys playing in Dalran who have been locked in a bubble for centuries. I’d really like to see inside Dalran and what the Kirin Tor have survived to become.

Deathknights vs Paladin Prot DPS

Just read a bit about the DeathKnight class at WoW Insider and a few other places. All the usual stuff (tank/dps hybrid, summon undead, runes, etc,) but what really made me laugh was the quote:

“ also mentions that Tom Chilton, in his Death Knight presentation, told them that they are leaning toward letting all tank types do more DPS while tanking”

Well a Prot spec Paladin could hardly do less DPS. Killing a mob is like digging a hole with a tea spoon! Fix prot spec Paladins (I’m not sure about Warriors and Druids?) so that they can do daily quests and such, and you’ll see far more people playing them. That means more Tanks.

Its not rocket science.

Ironman – quick review

If you like comic book super hero movies, you should see Ironman. You might think it was awesome, or you might think it was a little disappointing, and you may even think it was a good film worth of the Ironman franchise.

Its certainly in the league of a good supers film – which is why you should pay the dollars on the big screen. The “tech” is not so high tech as to be insane, and the story flows well.

In short: I loved it, 8.5 out of 10.

The good: Characters, cast, and animation are all really good.

The bad: The military seem a bit useless in this film, a bit too easy to lead around by the nose.

No more running

Wooh-ya! Finally have acquired a riding mount for my alts Mage. Not only is this my first Elekk, but its also the highest level Mage I’ve had. I’m a bit stoked.

The colour choices for the Elekks are a bit drab, and if/when level 70 ever rolls around for this toon, I’ll be looking for a different type of mount, such as a ram or tiger. Continue reading