Steady tank upgrades

Three tank upgrades this weekend, the Vambraces of Courage from Kara, the Necklace of the Juggernaut (which is cool if only for the name) as a nice spend of 25 badges; and lastly the Justicar Handguards – tier gloves from Curator. Woot.

I’m easily able to reach the magic 490 def stat now, and now looking to increase block / dodge / parry and my +spell damage.

The Gloves were only a slight improvement by themselves, but will be a better bonus if I can get some of the other tier gear. Also got some healing and dps gear which was going to be DE’ed. Thats always a funny sensation in a run. I figure anyone who can use it should take it, but then I can see why some folk think thats being greedy. That little drop increased by healing by +20ish, so I figure it was worth it.

Edit: Corrections as follows… Uncrushable total is 102.4%, and if you have 102.4% Uncrushable you have already pushed past the point where Def of 490 is critical. Reading on an Evil Empire post about it help ed me understand the Paladin Tank mechanics a little better.

Also noted that the order of pref for stats to get to combined 102.4 is: Miss / Dodge / Parry / Block.

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  1. I’m not sure exactly how Pally Tanks work but once you hit the def cap you become uncritable and as a pally tank you can become uncrushable too (unlike druids and warriors).
    In order to do that I think you need to get your shield block (inc holy shield or what ever that talent with charges is) + Parry + Dodge up to 100%.

  2. The Def cap is 490, which I’ve hit; and now working on Uncrush which needs a combined avoidance of 105% using Block, Dodge, and Parry while Holy Shield is active (got to love Holy Shield!).

    Gear wise I’m aiming for block first, then dodge, then parry; but anything to get near to 105% is good. And only block as it’ll hurt them too, meaning more threat.

    Given how regularly Prince seems to crush the tanks in quick succession, I think this is needed I’m a bit surprised that Warriors and Druids can’t get uncrushable – seem unfair.

  3. Warriors have shield block which gives 100% chance to block the next 3 attacks (assuming you have the talents). It’s not always possible to have it up 100% of the time. And thus you can get caught with the odd crushing blow.
    Druids have insane amounts of armour and hp and they usually have a high dodge. This means they can soak a lot of punishment but their damage taken can be really spikey.

    Warriors probably are the most consistant tanks as unless you are seriously over geared you have no rage issues and the incoming damage is generally predictable, where a Pally can still have mana issues on long fights and druids have the issue of not being able to mitigate crushing blows.

  4. Rakarth speaks truth πŸ™‚

    I ended up healing the prince fight in Kara the other night which is amusing sinced I’d specced back to feral specifically for the raid. We had 2 pally healers who were having trouble keeping the tank up – esp in phase 3 when the axes starting chopping up the ranged – plus our pally MT got hit with 2 5k crushing blows in a row. Someone needs to have words with him re getting uncrushable. So it was decided to get Seph to heal for added HoT goodness. Fun!

    Grats on the phat lewts Andrew πŸ™‚ Seph is having great fun being a loot wh0re in Kara after so long running it on Jez for just badges.

  5. Yay! Some tanky talk… here’s my 2 cents:

    Warriors *can* get uncrushable, you need lots nice gear but I’m almost there on my warrior, I think I’m at 96ish avoidance last time I checked and since I like to bring Jez along to most instances she’s nice enough to put up a scorpid sting that gives me another 5%.

    The warrior ability “shield block” has only 2 charges and it will make pretty much any warrior uncrushable while at least one charge is up. Bosses that hit quickly (eg Prince) will mean that the block charges will go down and you’ll be vulnerable to crushes. The best way to minimise the chance of a crush is the stack +dodge, +parry.

    The best way to increase avoidance is with +block rating, since you need about 8 to get 1% avoidance, but you need ~24 parry, ~19 dodge, 30 ag or ~15 def. Don’t forget there’s a shield enchant for +15 block rating!!

    Happy tankin’

    of Feathermoon

  6. I just noticed the comment above that shield block gives a warrior 100% chance to block. This is not the case. Ok sure if you’ve got 25% block chance and then put up shield block you might think that 25%+75% from shield block = 100% but its not right. Miss, Dodge and Parry are considered before block so a warriors chance to block with shield block up is 100-(miss+dodge+parry). The extra block % is lost so it is infact impossible to get 100% to block. Read page on combat table for more info.

    1 more thing: I cringe every time I hear the phrase “defense cap”. Its really a technicality I guess ’cause I know what you mean, but there is *no* defense cap. Defense still adds to +miss, +dodge, +parry and +block and it is a really efficient way to increase your avoidance post 490.

    Ok I realise that was more like “my 10 cents” πŸ™‚


  7. Probably right Mogri, it should be called a Defense Target, or something. I like the fact that the different Tank classes need slightly tweaked values for these scores, it adds something to the style of each.

    May also help the differentiation of gear between Tanks, and makes me wonder how the 2-handed Tanking will work for Death Knights. I get that they are a type of caster, but sheesh – Tanking with a 2-hander will be different. At the very least there will be some new 2-H tank enchants coming with the expansion.

    Just read the WoWWiki pages for Defense and Uncrushable, and noted that Druids can’t Parry or Block. Makes sense I suppose, and why those big hairy guys get some many hit points.

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