Steady tank upgrades

Three tank upgrades this weekend, the Vambraces of Courage from Kara, the Necklace of the Juggernaut (which is cool if only for the name) as a nice spend of 25 badges; and lastly the Justicar Handguards – tier gloves from Curator. Woot.

I’m easily able to reach the magic 490 def stat now, and now looking to increase block / dodge / parry and my +spell damage.

The Gloves were only a slight improvement by themselves, but will be a better bonus if I can get some of the other tier gear. Also got some healing and dps gear which was going to be DE’ed. Thats always a funny sensation in a run. I figure anyone who can use it should take it, but then I can see why some folk think thats being greedy. That little drop increased by healing by +20ish, so I figure it was worth it.

Edit: Corrections as follows… Uncrushable total is 102.4%, and if you have 102.4% Uncrushable you have already pushed past the point where Def of 490 is critical. Reading on an Evil Empire post about it help ed me understand the Paladin Tank mechanics a little better.

Also noted that the order of pref for stats to get to combined 102.4 is: Miss / Dodge / Parry / Block.