Magister’s Terrace will not be forgotten soon

Entrance to Magisters Terrace62 Symbols of Kings = 96 silver

9 super mana & 5 super health potions = ~11 gold

12 Deaths = ~22 gold

Finally killing Kael’thas Sunstrider = Priceless

You’d think that the group would get upset, angry, or start blame storming; but it was actually ok. I have to thank some excellent guild mates who helped, especially the guys who had run it before and knew we were pushing our luck a bit with the composition and gear level.

I’m sure there were a few swear words used (by myself included) and its only because we seemed to be getting closer each time that we continued. Also consider that 12 deaths wasn’t the highest, one of the guys died about 15 times! Kinda good that you get keyed and 19 gold for handing in the quest.

It will be a long time before my tank is ready to do that instance on Heroic, but at least I have the option now.