Wrath hype has me hyped

All the new news about Wrath of the Lich King has worked; I’m hyped. I feel like I’m a teenager again looking forward to the new Bard’s Tale game, or hearing that Terminator 2 will be released soon (a bit fanboy, but that’s what its like).

Go a Googling if you want to read all about the Deathknight, so many sites have the content now that I’m expecting to read it on a t-shirt any day now.

The new Northrend zone map looks great. WoW Insider has a post with the opening music (updated link), which has a true Blizzard feel. Not to mention that the start of this feels so close to the Conan-movie-ish music that Blizard has used since day one, that the makers of Conan must have some interesting music to differentiate themselves.

Gameriot also has some patch notes, which smell official and offer some pretty sweet abilities for out classes. If they are fake they are a good job, and either way it makes me smile to think about.

I’ll get back to running in circles, giggling like a school girl. Yay!

4 thoughts on “Wrath hype has me hyped

  1. Sadly when I went to check out the youtube link it had been moved due to a copyright claim by Blizzard – which I guess adds validity to this being the real theme.

    Happily someone in the comments at WoW Insider had provided a link to a site which has a lot of WotLK goodies including a link to the mp3 of the intro 🙂


    I’ve got the intro on itunes now so ping me if you want a copy

    And I totally agree with the giddy excitement as more info is revealed hehe 🙂

  2. As a fully qualified zen master (well, I will be next week, but I’m not thinking about that right now), I should let you know that a fanboi’s desire for a game is the very thing which keeps him from truly enjoying the experience.

    On the other hand, running around and giggling like a girl is preferred behaviour. This is why becoming a eunuch is so zen.

    Having said that, which pretty much amounts to nothing, I too am excited by this release. I don’t currently play and can’t really see myself being able to devote heaps of time to WoW, but I will get in there and dabble with the dabblers and pathetic hangers-on. That’s right, I’m the guy who doesn’t play the way you want him to, or the friend who never seems to level.

    Let the games begin! A little.

  3. I really hope you can play around a bit in WoW, I’m sure you’ll bring a bit more sanity to the community; even if they didn’t get the dry jokes.

    You don’t need to be “hardcore” to enjoy the game, and I strongly advocate the casual play style.

    Casuals should be more vocal, as thats how the companies and devs know who to write for.

  4. I’m pretty hyped about the new xpac too.
    Being more of the Hardcore casual player I’m really quite excited about the whole 10 man version of all the 25 man instances.

    All the guilds I’ve gravitated towards have been smaller more friendly guilds that have a core of solid reliable players that make it pretty easy to get one maybe two 10 man runs going any time. They are usually also good enough to carry some of those players that are great guys and make hanging out on ventrilo fun, but terrible players (think tab targeting and hunters or pallys that think spirit gear is the way to go). So the lower 25 man content has been doable – once everyone has basically outgeared it anyway.
    But now with the 10 man raid progression guilds like these will be able to gain some of the satisfaction that the hardcore raiding guilds have and quite probably retain some of those players who may otherwise get poached by a somewhat more successful 25 man raid guild.

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