WAR pings my radar

Warhammer Online will (most likely) have local servers. As an existing WoW player this is very interesting. The online community in Australia is often upset about a lack of local servers, and Warhammer looks to set some up in an Asia Pacific area. Most excellent.

However will this change Blizzard’s approach to the Oceanic Realms? I doubt it. Given how focused Blizzard is on having the servers in very close proximity to the USA; I’d say we’d need to have a much larger player base before local servers would make sense.

And its also very late in the game to have a change of this nature. Shame, but that is the pattern to date. Age of Conan has no local servers, and I’m sure asia pacific sales will still be good, so its interesting that WAR has chosen to announce this around the time that Conan goes live, and Blizzard is also giving more details about the Wrath of the Lich King expansion. It really looks like the MMORPG market will be competitive in the next six months, which is a good thing for which ever game you are playing.

Thanks to Slashdot for the Gamespot link.

Age of Conan almost here

Age of Conan has a few mate of mine pretty excited, and I’ll admit to be pretty interested too. WoW still has me pretty hooked, and there are things that are still worth doing, but a new game has a shiny appeal that I expect a lot of WoW players won’t be able to resist (at least trying). The buzz in the forums that I’ve been reading is that Conan is the “next gen” of MMORPG game in terms of the graphics presentation; but is not such a radical step away from the tried and true model used by WoW and others. Continue reading