Multiboxing Trial

I’m experimenting with multiboxing for powerleveling at the moment, by running a 17 Druid around behind a 40 Mage and 70 Paladin (at different times). Three Druid Noob has a post for this today; and I thought I’d write about my experiences so far (have a read of his blog post too, as everything he says is accurate IMHO).

3DruidNoob has a list of Instances to try out; but I’d alter them to be:

Level 17-22: Dead Mines
Level 20-26: Stockade (A only)
Level 25-40: Scarlet Monestary
Level 40-45: Zul Farrak
Level 45-50: Blackrock Depths
Level 50-58: Sunken Temple, Scholomance, UD Strath.
Level 58 and on: Quest grinding in Outlands.

I’ve noticed that the XP penalty for the 70 is a huge difference in the casual kills, and therefore I should only use the Pally when the Mage can’t AoE an Area or Instance. WoW-wiki had a good explanation of the formula, but it basically means you want the high level toon to be as close to the same level as the lower level toon, so that the XP penalty is not as harsh.

For example the Mage is better when I’m farming quests to kill X mobs. Get the quest, place the Druid on Follow, run at the mobs with the Mage, AoE, and loot with the Druid.

Deadmines on the other hand is cake with the Paladin, the only slow down is pulling the mobs back to where I have parked the Druid so he can get XP for the kills. I’m really looking forward to Stockade so that I can grind the levels on him faster, as Stockade is so much easier to get to, and can be done in 3 pulls by a high level Paladin.

The particulars of what I’m doing are as simple as having one toon on follow to another, and the more I read the more I think there is a real benefit in setting up some cool macros.

Simple follow/focus setup:

  • I set the focus on the Alt to target the Main
  • Group up with the Main as Party Leader
  • Run the follow script: “/follow focus”, and have it set on a bar thats easy to find.
  • Chain AoE everything.

ps – I’m not liking paying for another account, but at least I got the first month on the new account to pay for one on the old account, by signing myself up as a friend.

4 thoughts on “Multiboxing Trial

  1. It helps alot to invite other lowbies to join your powerleveling runs. XP Loss from the 70 is reduces and you can just .follow one of them and get them to do the looting.
    PS. Don’t get idiots, they will kill your alt over and over;)

  2. Thanks for the tip. I’ll check out the formulas too, as there might be a sweet spot in terms of player numbers; kind of implies that the more toon you have the better the reduction.

    WoWWiki has a strange and maths heavy page all about the XP for mobs. Whats odd is that the WoWWiki page indicates that the xp per participant is lower the more toon you add. It also indicates that 2 man groups with a high level character, the closer the levels the better xp for the low level toon.

    Which is contradictory, so I’m confused. Nothing new there.

    By way of example I did group up with 3x 16-17s and my 70 for a DM run. The xp gained seemed to be almost the same, but 3 people were getting it, so I suppose it was more rewarding overall. I’ll have to get them to help me test a L70+1 toon vs. a L70+2 toons and see what the xp change is for the same mob.

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