Deathknights vs Paladin Prot DPS

Just read a bit about the DeathKnight class at WoW Insider and a few other places. All the usual stuff (tank/dps hybrid, summon undead, runes, etc,) but what really made me laugh was the quote:

“ also mentions that Tom Chilton, in his Death Knight presentation, told them that they are leaning toward letting all tank types do more DPS while tanking”

Well a Prot spec Paladin could hardly do less DPS. Killing a mob is like digging a hole with a tea spoon! Fix prot spec Paladins (I’m not sure about Warriors and Druids?) so that they can do daily quests and such, and you’ll see far more people playing them. That means more Tanks.

Its not rocket science.

3 thoughts on “Deathknights vs Paladin Prot DPS

  1. I will definitely be levelling a Death Knight.
    Tanking with a 2H? Yes please!

    Prot spec warriors can solo ok – if they have a good dps set – devastate spam for the win.

    I was more interested in the news that in the next expansion all 25 man raid instances will have a 10 man version!
    Finally raid progression for smaller guilds.
    While it is currently available to a small extent with Kara and Zil’Aman but moving from Kara to ZA is a bigger jump than it is to Gruuls and SSC (and even Void Reaver in TK) so ZA isn’t as popular as it could have been.

    With Age of Conan about to go gold. I think Blizzard will be ramping up the hype on WotLK and I wouldn’t be surprised if it was released late this year to help keep subscription levels up.

  2. The 10 man versions might be different in terms of loot (which seems fair), abut also in terms of final content. I was listening to a Podcast by a couple of guys who interviewed a Blizz staffer.

    The implication was that the encounters will have to play differently (obviously), the loot will be different (about 0.5 to 1 tier better), and maybe even the story affect.

    Like the difference between defeating Arthas and actually killing him.

    Still 10 mans are what I want to see more of. Can’t wait to the launch date so I can see how much annual leave I have left (sad I know).

  3. I’m a little concerned with this matter of the Death Knight being a viable tank and doing “respectable damage.” If prot pallys (and, I guess, prot warriors) keep doing terrible damage, thereby limiting their function to only tanking, then what do you need them for? Prot pallys would disappear from the game, for the most part.

    Blizzard is really *forced* to bring pally damage up to DK damage, or else somehow cripple the DK (certainly not a good option) so that it is less viable.

    They simply cannot leave pallys in this situation because it will hurt class balance. It will be interesting to see what their solution is.

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