No more running

Wooh-ya! Finally have acquired a riding mount for my alts Mage. Not only is this my first Elekk, but its also the highest level Mage I’ve had. I’m a bit stoked.

The colour choices for the Elekks are a bit drab, and if/when level 70 ever rolls around for this toon, I’ll be looking for a different type of mount, such as a ram or tiger.

Last night I also farmed Undead Stratholme with a Ret Pally mate. He’s regularly in there trying to get the Undead Mount to drop (which is like a 1 in 1000 chance), and I though it would be fun to go along for the ride. It was pretty quick, but alas we only scored a few greens, and the flute trinket that makes everyone around you dance. I’m sure I’ll regret helping him get that when be brings it along on guild runs. Shame as my first BoE epic dropped in UD-Strath and I had my expectations a little high.

Mage level 40 is also pretty cool as I got the first Teleport spell. That’ll make my role a bit different, and kind of the reverse of my Warlock. The Warlock gets others there, and the Mage to get everyone back to their homes. Love that utility – but now need to sacrafice another bag slot to some runes.

Perhaps I’ll say I’m not spec’ed for Portals.