A great post about guild progression

Group of Words has an excellent story based example of why folks enter and leave guilds. Its a simple concept once explained, and reads really well.

If you’re new to Warcraft this might be helpful. If not, well you probably know all this anyway, but it is explained well. I’ve blogged it so I can find it again, and also because I think it deserves a bit of kudos.

Ironman – quick review

If you like comic book super hero movies, you should see Ironman. You might think it was awesome, or you might think it was a little disappointing, and you may even think it was a good film worth of the Ironman franchise.

Its certainly in the league of a good supers film – which is why you should pay the dollars on the big screen. The “tech” is not so high tech as to be insane, and the story flows well.

In short: I loved it, 8.5 out of 10.

The good: Characters, cast, and animation are all really good.

The bad: The military seem a bit useless in this film, a bit too easy to lead around by the nose.

No more running

Wooh-ya! Finally have acquired a riding mount for my alts Mage. Not only is this my first Elekk, but its also the highest level Mage I’ve had. I’m a bit stoked.

The colour choices for the Elekks are a bit drab, and if/when level 70 ever rolls around for this toon, I’ll be looking for a different type of mount, such as a ram or tiger. Continue reading