Review: Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull

Indiana Jones and the ... meh, boom!In a nutshell, if you have seen the other three films hire this on DVD for a lazy or stupid Sunday arvo film. Or wait for TV. If you have not seen any of the other films (or didn’t care to remember them), then see something else. Don’t watch it in the cinema in any case.

Rating: 1.5 out of 5, and that’s because I enjoyed seeing Indy back on the screen more than anything else (the snake-rope joke and rocket launcher joke are top highlights). To a non-Indy fan 0.5 out of 5.

For: Cultural references are thick through-out the film, and if done with a little more restraint or subtlety might have been rather cool. Reds under the beds, government conspiracy, area 51 little green men, nuke testing, and a fantastic picture of what university life might have been like.

Against: The basic plot theme was ok, but the actual plot was horrid and predictable.

Quick: Indiana Jones and the … meh. Boom, wizz, ka-pow!

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Steady tank upgrades

Three tank upgrades this weekend, the Vambraces of Courage from Kara, the Necklace of the Juggernaut (which is cool if only for the name) as a nice spend of 25 badges; and lastly the Justicar Handguards – tier gloves from Curator. Woot.

I’m easily able to reach the magic 490 def stat now, and now looking to increase block / dodge / parry and my +spell damage.

The Gloves were only a slight improvement by themselves, but will be a better bonus if I can get some of the other tier gear. Also got some healing and dps gear which was going to be DE’ed. Thats always a funny sensation in a run. I figure anyone who can use it should take it, but then I can see why some folk think thats being greedy. That little drop increased by healing by +20ish, so I figure it was worth it.

Edit: Corrections as follows… Uncrushable total is 102.4%, and if you have 102.4% Uncrushable you have already pushed past the point where Def of 490 is critical. Reading on an Evil Empire post about it help ed me understand the Paladin Tank mechanics a little better.

Also noted that the order of pref for stats to get to combined 102.4 is: Miss / Dodge / Parry / Block.

casuals – not for hire

This post started as a sidetrack to a forum posted question from a guild-mate about the types of players our guild should be looking for to participate in 25 mans for progression, and what loot system is best for the guild.

We were talking about changing the loot system so that it was better for the regulars, but still usable for casuals and PuG players, who are currently needed for 25-man content. Its a bit random but you’ll get the gist.

The post got me thinking, and seriously considering two points, (a) what can casual players reasonable expect from end-game progression?, and (b) is the 25 man raid really a long term goal for me? But first the back-story…

Me: lastly why would a casual or a player who can only rarely raid be bothered in this system? The rewards are very highly skewed [edit: while talking about dkp vs other loot systems].

Guildie: Do you wish to have these players in a 25 man raid guild that is progressing strongly?

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Wrath hype has me hyped

All the new news about Wrath of the Lich King has worked; I’m hyped. I feel like I’m a teenager again looking forward to the new Bard’s Tale game, or hearing that Terminator 2 will be released soon (a bit fanboy, but that’s what its like).

Go a Googling if you want to read all about the Deathknight, so many sites have the content now that I’m expecting to read it on a t-shirt any day now.

The new Northrend zone map looks great. WoW Insider has a post with the opening music (updated link), which has a true Blizzard feel. Not to mention that the start of this feels so close to the Conan-movie-ish music that Blizard has used since day one, that the makers of Conan must have some interesting music to differentiate themselves.

Gameriot also has some patch notes, which smell official and offer some pretty sweet abilities for out classes. If they are fake they are a good job, and either way it makes me smile to think about.

I’ll get back to running in circles, giggling like a school girl. Yay!

WAR pings my radar

Warhammer Online will (most likely) have local servers. As an existing WoW player this is very interesting. The online community in Australia is often upset about a lack of local servers, and Warhammer looks to set some up in an Asia Pacific area. Most excellent.

However will this change Blizzard’s approach to the Oceanic Realms? I doubt it. Given how focused Blizzard is on having the servers in very close proximity to the USA; I’d say we’d need to have a much larger player base before local servers would make sense.

And its also very late in the game to have a change of this nature. Shame, but that is the pattern to date. Age of Conan has no local servers, and I’m sure asia pacific sales will still be good, so its interesting that WAR has chosen to announce this around the time that Conan goes live, and Blizzard is also giving more details about the Wrath of the Lich King expansion. It really looks like the MMORPG market will be competitive in the next six months, which is a good thing for which ever game you are playing.

Thanks to Slashdot for the Gamespot link.

Age of Conan almost here

Age of Conan has a few mate of mine pretty excited, and I’ll admit to be pretty interested too. WoW still has me pretty hooked, and there are things that are still worth doing, but a new game has a shiny appeal that I expect a lot of WoW players won’t be able to resist (at least trying). The buzz in the forums that I’ve been reading is that Conan is the “next gen” of MMORPG game in terms of the graphics presentation; but is not such a radical step away from the tried and true model used by WoW and others. Continue reading

I think I can scam this…

I was reading random blogs at lunch today and found a screen shot of an NPC in Exodar. It got me thinking…

I bet I could put my warlock in crappy gear that looks like NPC clothes, make a guild called <Master Leatherworker>, and stand next to this guy in the image. Then all have to do is charge a heap for each wrapped gift sold via trade.

It could make Grifter look nooby at scamming toons. OK, i wont, but sheesh thats close to my toon name.

Instance server was down (depressed?)

We had a run for an hour or so, and then found Kara impossible to complete. Not because of lack of skill, but because of a Instance Lockout. The delay cost us 1+hrs, and really derailed me for a while afterward.

But almost all the group was able to come back, and we cleared a few more bosses (Maiden and Nightbane). Its all badges for most of the guys, but I scored some gear for Tanking and off-spec too.

It was strange to think that while the lockout was in affect our toons were trapped in Karazhan. Made me think of those poor guys playing in Dalran who have been locked in a bubble for centuries. I’d really like to see inside Dalran and what the Kirin Tor have survived to become.

Deathknights vs Paladin Prot DPS

Just read a bit about the DeathKnight class at WoW Insider and a few other places. All the usual stuff (tank/dps hybrid, summon undead, runes, etc,) but what really made me laugh was the quote:

“ also mentions that Tom Chilton, in his Death Knight presentation, told them that they are leaning toward letting all tank types do more DPS while tanking”

Well a Prot spec Paladin could hardly do less DPS. Killing a mob is like digging a hole with a tea spoon! Fix prot spec Paladins (I’m not sure about Warriors and Druids?) so that they can do daily quests and such, and you’ll see far more people playing them. That means more Tanks.

Its not rocket science.

Ironman – quick review

If you like comic book super hero movies, you should see Ironman. You might think it was awesome, or you might think it was a little disappointing, and you may even think it was a good film worth of the Ironman franchise.

Its certainly in the league of a good supers film – which is why you should pay the dollars on the big screen. The “tech” is not so high tech as to be insane, and the story flows well.

In short: I loved it, 8.5 out of 10.

The good: Characters, cast, and animation are all really good.

The bad: The military seem a bit useless in this film, a bit too easy to lead around by the nose.

No more running

Wooh-ya! Finally have acquired a riding mount for my alts Mage. Not only is this my first Elekk, but its also the highest level Mage I’ve had. I’m a bit stoked.

The colour choices for the Elekks are a bit drab, and if/when level 70 ever rolls around for this toon, I’ll be looking for a different type of mount, such as a ram or tiger. Continue reading

Other Games Worth Playing?

Are there any other games worth playing at the moment? (rant warning)

I’m downloading EQ2 trial at the moment, as a mate has said it worth checking out. The experience so far has been about the same level of patch frustration as WoW, but with an added crappy download screen. Why make the initial download only 80mb, and then have me sit through a 9 hour patch process? Dumb, but the standard way of doing things it seems.

Up front I’m very skeptical of how this game will compare, as I think World of Warcraft has a few things that suck, but on balance is pretty good (insert fanboy sarcasm). If EQ2 brings something new to the table, I’ll be pleased and impressed – especially if I can get to see any of it before the trial period expires. Continue reading