Dancing on a mailbox is so last week

For those guys seeking a good source of money in early levels, try parking a few alts in front of the Stormwind Bank. Then join General and Trade, and watch the human wall of noise. Every now and then somebody will yell for signatures for a guild, which on my server can go for 1-5 gold each. Its nuts, but my three bank alts have made me about 15g in the past week without trying.

When I think back to having 5g on a level 6 toon, that was a huge amount of money.

And that’s the real charm: you’re getting gold by signing a form, and then keeping doing what you’re doing. The experienced and high level players might say that this is a waste of energy, as a single daily quest can grant about 10g, but consider that I wasn’t looking for this, and it took two seconds. Pure cake.

As an extreme example a few nights ago I accepted the Guild Master role of a guild last night because the GM wished to kill off the toon, and didn’t care what happened to the Guild. I took the /ginvite, got promoted to GM, gkicked the guy, checked the guild bank (got another 1.5g there), and /gdisband’ed the guild.

Why that guy couldn’t have done that I have no idea, and given that it took 5 minutes, I’m not really sure. If the guild had opened the first tab in the Guild Vault I would not have killed it off, as a vault slot is worth 100gp, and I could see the worth.


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  1. And then just now 10g while checking my mail. Guy opens trade with 10g, I accept, say thanks, and he’s happy. Its a strange world.

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