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cyric thumbStrange days indeed, as I respec to Destuction on my Warlock. For well over a month I’ve been looking at the range and type of damage I was doing in raids and runs on my Warlock [Armory profile for Arkham on Nagrand].

The consistent theme was Shadowbolts being the most useful and best way to keep up on DPS in runs, especially when doing trash. On bosses the DoTs were handy, but by no means exclusive to the Afflict build anyway.

Also a factor was the time spent in global cool-down. Instant casts are not truly instant, and that means that casting times can vary when stacked; especially when your lag is taken into consideration. Some runs I would run to 500-700 latency, which makes a co-ordinated DoT cycle a little fiddly.

I’m told that +1000 Dam is the key before you respec to Destro, but I have two other goals to indulge. Firstly I wanted to see if the use of Demonic Sacrifice would be fun, as the concept is really appealing to me. Its a flavoursome class, and there are many aspects of the specs and play styles that I read about, but never spend the time to investigate.

And secondly I’ve been thinking of late about a bit of pvp on my Warlock, and the Destro is better for that. More consistent chance of higher damage is always better, and maybe (just maybe) I’ll try this pvp thing out. It would certainly suit the erratic amount of time that I have of late to play.

In closing only a few hours of dailies taught me a lot. I didn’t have to change the tank and drain style with my Voidwalker, it still worked when I chose to. But what I found was that 3 Shadowbolts will drop anything sub level 70, and thats often without them getting to melee you. I also assumed that I would not be able to access some spells. But Seed of Corruption, Curse of Doom, and some others are all still there. In hindsight it was silly to think that these might go away, but I have only ever been Affliction since my early 50s, and those higher levels spells have always been linked in my mind to the Afflict spec, rather than the class for that reason.

I look forward to the new learnings, and a few high crits.

Linkage for Warlock Destro stuff which helped me decide:

  • WoW Insider Discussion on Warlocks.
  • Warlock Stat Discussion on Elitist Jerks, which indicates that you need to be at +1000 dam to make it worth while. While I think these guys know exactly what they are talking about, I’ve made teh change despite not having that score.
  • a Warlock’s Den post which discussed it.

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  1. What’s this?? PeeVeePee? Yay! Let me know if you have any questions about arena and BGs and this huntard will be happy to supply any info 🙂

    And naturally Emelin would be happy to wax lyrical about the effectiveness of various approaches from a lock perspective. He’s currently trying a new build which he says is kicking butt in the BGs. Yes he respecced *again* lol.

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