Because it was maintenance

Because it was maintenance I went looking around the internet for distractions; and happily came up with some WoW Machinima that was pretty darn funny.

Check out The Grind: Episode 1 & 2 at BigDaddyGamer page, and the Halloween Special via YouTube. And then Espisode 0 if you liked that.

Roflcopter, et al. And then this…and all Oblivious Films.

Dancing on a mailbox is so last week

For those guys seeking a good source of money in early levels, try parking a few alts in front of the Stormwind Bank. Then join General and Trade, and watch the human wall of noise. Every now and then somebody will yell for signatures for a guild, which on my server can go for 1-5 gold each. Its nuts, but my three bank alts have made me about 15g in the past week without trying.

When I think back to having 5g on a level 6 toon, that was a huge amount of money.

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Before the Devil Knows You’re Dead (quick review)

Initially my concept of this film was way off, which is why it was so surprising to watch a very personal, very direct character film. I was both surprised and bothered by the film. The storyline follows three people from the same family, and how a gradual series of bad choices in their separate lives lead them to an end which affects everyone around them.

The acting is excellent. All the actors did an excellent job, and I would not be surprised to see this film nominated for a Golden Globe. But also be warned that the story is dark, and you’ll be hard pressed not to think introspectively.

Quick Summary: Its not gritty in a horrific or bloody way, its dark in a human way – these are normal people, with real weaknesses, who are caught in a downward spiral.

Score: 3.5 out of 5.

What type of gamer are you?

A quiz for determining what type of gamer you are, similar to the Myers-Briggs test. I’m a EASK, which means I like walking around the worlds finding stuff; much more than I like killing other players. Apparently a game like NWN2 is best for me, which is funny because I’m going to start playing that when it arrives in a few weeks.

Two workmates are the same, but they like killing the people they meet (and they call me the sociopath – sheesh).

Reminds me of that line, “Join the Army, meet new and interesting people, and kill them!” Perhaps America’s Army is the game for them…

Respec to Destro

cyric thumbStrange days indeed, as I respec to Destuction on my Warlock. For well over a month I’ve been looking at the range and type of damage I was doing in raids and runs on my Warlock [Armory profile for Arkham on Nagrand].

The consistent theme was Shadowbolts being the most useful and best way to keep up on DPS in runs, especially when doing trash. On bosses the DoTs were handy, but by no means exclusive to the Afflict build anyway.

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Need more rage in your ride?

What is the pimped out Warrior driving these days? Maybe a 4×4, jeep, or even a hummer; but I bet they still feel that something is missing from the driving experience. And thats because they need to drive a Rage!

Rage badging This looks to me like the ultimate brand of car for a Warrior. Its all about Rage, the car is Red, and it even has action swishes to indicate how awesome it is. Continue reading

Aussies get the iPhone

In pretty exciting news it looks like the iPhone will be released in Australia in the last week of June. Linkage via MacTalk Forums.

More than one carrier supported, iPhone 2.0, 3G support, no lock in contract. Thats a shift in policy for Apple, and hopefully it will work out well.

Will it see me upgrade from my current model – doubtful. Grats to the folks who were dying for them. (thanks to Ollie for the info)

A feed of bloggers

What is the name for a collection of blogs? Certainly not a gaggle of geese, but perhaps a Feed of Bloggers. A new blog aggregation site called Warcraft Bloggers might tell us. This site takes a summary of the rss feeds from a stack of sources and puts them all on one page. Handy.

All the rants unfit to print. I’ll be watching the rants and comments to see how it goes, initially I like it.