Incredible Hulk Trailer

Hulk PicThere is a Hulk trailer out for the new movie, which stars Ed Norton. Excellent!

The last movie was a tad disappointing from a CGI perspective, and worse from a script perspective.

Hopefully the inclusion of Ed will see an improvement in the film’s quality. Can’t see Hulk as a huge series like Spiderman though, he’s a bit of a single story kinda guy to me (don’t bother spam me with hate, I won’t read it).

Linkage via Spike.

Moving to Mac

gauntletThe company I work for is moving a few of us from Windows PCs to Macs as our basic workhorse computer. For the most part I am very excited and stoked about the move. Expectations about the Mac’s interface and design have been built up for years, and since becoming an iPhone user (and fanboy), I can see a bright future for a Mac in my daily computing life. In fact this post is a test post of sorts to see how the beast will handle with my daily chores.

Things that have already impressed me

  • General presentation of the OS and the Macbook Laptops is excellent.
  • Application installation is not too hard, but the different behavior of some installation sets is frustrating. Certainly easier than Windows installs.
  • The tab sort, application switching, and finding a running application window is awesome.
  • The Minimise function is excellent.

Things that will improve with time or not sure

  • The laptop runs hot, to the point where its uncomfortable to rest your hand on.
  • The learning curve is very steep initially.
  • The keyboard surface and case is already marked, and appears to age quickly.
  • The new keyboard layout is skewed differently to a standard keyboard, which means I now peck to type.

Things that piss me off

  • Everything is a short-cut key combo. I don’t like using shortcut keys that much, especially when the  combo is a cryptic mess of alts+option+ctrl with a-z as the triggers.
  • The light sensitivity adjustment settings are rubbish. Every 1-3 minutes my keyboard backlight flashes on, then disappears. And I have already turned off the low-light adjustment of the LCDs brightness, which was fading for 1 second then returning to normal. I like the idea of a backlight, but the user should know how/where to set this up. Its caused by a few light sensors in the keyboard left and right side.
In the next part I’ll talk through an example of migrating a few applications – Warcraft in particular.

We All Missed Darkmoon

Captain America AvatarIt seems that the npcs of Darkmoon have taken March off; and I for one missed them. What ever the cause the game did not sync with the calendar in the last week or so, and there is much anger and spamming. Mine included. A good summary of the conversation here on Blue Tracker, and my post to ask some questions on the official forums.

What I dont get is that the Faire was planned for Elwynn forest. I was in Elwynn forest a few days before the 10th (scheduled start on the web) and it was not there.If it was a week early, then I’d have seen it. It appears it was not there at all due to some other issue.

I hope we can see a spawn after the reboot/maintenance on Tuesday. I am like many others, I have been waiting for a few weeks to turn in a deck for one of the trinkets; another month is really not good.

Also if there was a recognised issue of the calendar being wrong as the event happened early, why did they not update the calendar? Or announce it?

 For me that means another month of waiting to get the Vengence card, which is another month before I’ll have a jump in my stats for tanking. With a Kara raid planned for Friday, this is not good.

Update: The gist of the Blizzard Forum thread indicates that darkmoon will spawn after the shutdown on Tuesday. Yay! Thank you to Blizzard for understanding our frustration, and thank you to all the forum posters and bloggers for creating the buzz/hype/drama to get this done. It looks like Kisirani did most of the legwork on this one.

Transfering WoW Servers

Over the past few months the ambient population on Eonar has been steadily decreasing. Pugs are harder to get, and many players don’t seem to be on as much. This could be due to the natural process of folks getting bored, but it seems that there is a drain away from US servers toward Oceanic servers in my hours of play. And that makes sense as Aussies want to play with other Aussies.

Questing is fine and that can be done on any server, but Instances require coordinated players, and that means a good player base. The alternate is to just do daily quests and pvp; which for me is pretty boring. My play style (or lack of dedication to hardcore raiding) means that I need a large group too, as my slackness won’t impact them.

Looikng about at servers the Oceanic realms seem the way to go, and we’ve earmarked Nagrand as the destination realm. It has a high population, mature markets, and most importantly it seems to have a lot of toons online. Its also a PvE realm which is an absolute requirement for good play.

We’ll be leveling some toons (a mage, paladin, druid and warrior) as well as transferring some well geared 70s. Our high level toons are all Kara and Gruul geared; classes include a Warlock, Mage, dps Warrior, dps Pally, and then some who still need a bit of work like my Pally tank.