Patch 2.4 is here! (/cheer)

Software patchLet the rejoicing and bitching begin in earnest, and now that WoW Patch 2.4 its real. This patch is more than enough for me to give pause and consider what affect the real list of changes will have, and also look longingly at the diverse range of new items and instances along with all the changes.

The information sources below are many and varied, and more than a few contain unofficial notes as well. If you’re a fan you already know of the 5 and 25 man instance content, might be stoked about the new daily quests, a few UI improvements, and (oh yessss) the badge gear.

  • WoW Wiki notes – Flat out a great summary of whats coming, nicely divided with sub-headings, major items and links to the really detailed pages elsewhere in the wiki and off-site too. If you are a power gamer who has let to start digging; start here.
  • Official Patch site – Really worth a look to see how Blizzard has presented the content. Wallpapers, a bit of lore, and a decent summary. It does not contain an itemised list of micro-changes; but you’ll get the favour (marketing buzz) of the patch from here.

Beyond the above, or if you already know whats listed and want to know more your best bet is trying Google (and possibly an intervention).

My patch highlights are:

Sunwell Isle Gear and Badge gear

Arms and ShieldThis content looks cool, but I doubt I’ll see much of it soon. This is for the characters who already have ZA, Gruul, Mags, etc down and farmed. I suspect we’re looking at something akin to Naxx for the level 60s – although I’ll wait to read more.

It does look exciting though, and the gear from there is excellent. Head over to WoW DB and WoW Head to dig through the hot list, both sites also have Quests and such listed as you’d expect.

There is a particular axe called The Blade of Harbingers going for 150 badges that has a few of my friends foaming at the mouth, and I must say its pretty lush. I like the look of the Scryers dagger for my Warlock, but noted a lack of Tanking specific weapon anywhere on the list – that sucks.

BreastplateAlthough I do like the Chest Shattrath Protectorate’s Breastplate as it would be a huge upgrade for me if I can get 100 badges together, but I’m honestly suspect on why I wouldn’t grab the Warrior chest Chestplate of Stoicism instead. I like the fact its available, but think that its a 2nd choice.

We’ll see if Nightbane gives up the chest for me before I get to the badge requirement, if so I’ll grab something else.

Lastly the Engineering upgrade for the Tanking Goggles are awesome: Hard Khorium Goggles. I can’t wait to get them, although the farming for mats will be a long process. And I’d give 2x pints of anyone’s blood for Spaulders of the Thalassian Defender, as I need some good shoulders.

Primal Nethers and Nether Vortexes are tradable!

In an effort to make our gear better, the Nethers are no longer soul bound, and are purchasable with Badges. This means that a great array of gear is now craftable for those who found getting a few nethers together quite hard. This is very good news.

Combat Log update

Apparently the combat log gets an overhaul, which will hopefully make the threat tools like Omen, and the damage tools like SW Stats even more powerful and accurate. This is a change that I hope will see great things happen in time. Happy to run for a week or so without a threatmeter if it brings improvements.


  • Avenger’s Shield will not break most CC (Polymorph, Sap, etc) – fantastic. Let the Rogue sap, mage can pull with a Sheep and then I unleash a Shield at the remainder. Shadow Labs just got a stack easier.
  • Turn Undead becomes Turn Evil – so it affects Demons, which is very handy. I can now help with CC in all sorts of extra places, although I suspect this was added for PvP as the notes also indicate that diminishing returns will apply, and its a 10 second turn only.


  • Summoning folks straight into the Instances, from anywhere. Who finally gave Blizzard the cash bribe or first newborn baby to get this? Its excellent.
  • No Lifetap nerf. For a week or so Warlocks were pretty upset about a PvP nerf to Lifetap, which has been revoked. Thank the unholy lord!


  • The new goggles for Tanks (see above in gear).
  • The anti-sheep toy, which I might make to remove it for folks. And for a laugh and possibly for pvp folks at lower levels to take back some fun from the Mages.
  • The stuns now have diminishing returns, which also looks to be a pvp thing; and I suppose thats important for the pvp folks, but I doubt it will have any affect on my pve experience. Seems the tailoring nets didn’t get the snare effect altered though. Not many people using those?

World and Misc

  • Badges now drop from all Instance bosses that didn’t drop them, and more set tokens. Cool.
  • More cash from dead bosses, which is never a shame.
  • Doomlord Kazzak’s drops are now BoE. Look forward to seeing them in the AH soon.
  • Karazhan now only requires one person to have the key. Now thats snappy, but it didn’t ever seem to be much of a struggle. However not needing to get BT and Hyjal attuned is really interesting. Will we see more brave guilds getting their arse handed to them? I think so.
  • Blass Morass mobs Rift Keepers and Rift Lords got a HP nerf. Was this a huge issue? Perhaps they were naughty or rude to the devs.

See you in the new world!

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