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kara art shotAfter a little discussion in guild, a list of stats required for entry to Karazhan is a handy thing. Here is a list of suggested requirements for each class, with specs noted. I’ve tried to keep the requirements low, assuming that you wouldn’t have a group where everyone is at the minimums.

Warning: This is from the Interwebs, and I am no expert!

Warning 2: These stats are for absolute minimum. There is feedback out there to say that these are too low, and that is a raid leaders job to decide.

Credit to World of Matticus , and also the Alt Doctor for some of the details here. These will also change dramatically when the Patch v3 his released, and after that your guess is as good as my milkman’s. Take it with a grain of salt.


– Tank: 415 def with 3/3 Survival of the fittest, 12000 hp, 25-30% Dodge, 20k armor, 1000 ap, 20% crit

– DPS melee: 2000 ap, 23-25% crit, 6500 health

– DPS caster: 7000 health, 7000-8500 mana, 550-600 dmg, 6% hit, 15% crit

– Heal: +1000 heals, 90-100 mp/5 while casting, 6000 hp, 7500-8000 mana


– DPS BM: 7500 hp, ~6000 mana, 1400-1450 ap, 17.5% crit, 75 hit

– DPS MM: 7500 hp, ~6000 mana, 1600-1700 ap, 17.5% crit, 75 hit


– DPS: +600 dmg, 90 hit, 20-25% crit, ~6000 hp and ~7500 mana


– Tank (MT): 102.5% Total avoidance (dodge/parry/block), 490 def, 10500 hp, +130-150 dmg

– Tank (OT): 485 def, 10000hp

– Heal: 1000 heal, 80-100 mp/5, 8000-9000 mana, 15-20% holy crit


– Heal: 5500+ health, 7500 mana, +1000 healing, 100 mp5

– DPS: 6000 mana, +600-650 dmg, + 3-5% hit


– DPS: 1200 – 1400 ap, 90 hit, 20-24% crit, 6000 hp


– Resto: 7500 hp, 9500 mana, 1000 – 1100 heals, 90-110 mp/5, 10% crit

– Elemental: 7500 hp, 9000 mana, +500 dmg, 20% crit

– Enhancement: 7500 hp, 7000 mana, 1000 – 1200 ap, 20% crit, 8% hit


– DPS: Affliction: 7000-7500 hp, 6000 mana, +600 dmg, 90 hit

– DPS: Destro/Demon: 7000-7500 hp, 6000 mana, +600 dmg, 90 hit, 20% crit


– Tank(MT): 12000 Armor, 12000 hp, 490 def, 45% avoidance

– Tank(OT): 12000 Armor, 12000 hp, 490 def, 15-30% Dodge/Parry

– DPS: 1500-1700 ap, 70 hit, 33% crit, 8000 hp

A quick final note on roles. You’ll need a few specific actions to be taken at various points through the run. I can remember the following:

MT, OT, Heals x2, Shackle, Undead Fear, Banish, Kick/Stun x2, and AOE DPS x2, Misdirect, Traps.

Edit: changes some values to reflect feedback. Obviously the gear needed or this varies a lot, but keep in mind that Blues are fine, and some classes may still be using Greens depending on their role (eg. tanks). Also remember that one of the best ways to get these stats bumped up is to get your gear enchanted and enhanced.

If you are ready for Kara, you are ready to spend some gold on doing it properly.

9 thoughts on “Kara Class Requirements

  1. Nice post, a great quick ‘at a glance’ guide for whether you are ready for Kara or not. In terms of the specific actions you list, as a hunter I gotta point out that you missed trapping and the all powerful Misdirect.

    A couple of examples of why these actions came in handy in my Kara days:

    1. MD Attumen to the OT so he doesn’t smoosh a squishie when he appears.

    2. Trap one of the 4 mobs around Moroes to keep him out of the fight – generally second in kill order after the priest although with good chain trapping you can keep him trapped until Moroes is down.

    When we first started raiding Kara we would also use trap plus shacks on trash mob pulls too – back when we was barely geared and dying real easy 🙂

  2. “Are these values buffed or unbuffed?
    If buffed; Self buffed or raid buffed?”

    At I guess i would say self buffed, i.e. Warlock with Fel Armour. Don’t know about priest’s etc.. with +stam buffs, as although it’s technically a self buff, it’s also a raid buff.

    Basically I think it’s the value with any buff that you can only apply to yourself.

  3. My intent was to show most classes as unbuffed, with the exception of Warlocks who would always have a self buff. So self buffed, but not raid buffed.

    The reason is some buff classes like Pallys can self buff to get higher figures, but they may not have access to that buff in the raid.

  4. The other day I was preparing for my first kara raid, and I have probably looked at over half of these minimun requirement guides. My guild required +700 spell damage for casters. So I thought I was set.

    I had 758 damage, buffed with my Fel Armor. However, my raid leader informed me just 5 minutes before the raid that I had to be unbuffed. Him and I went back in forth for about 10 minutes arguing about it.

    Anyone have an opinion on the matter?

  5. Heya Zoso,

    I’d say that if that guy is doing the invites, then whatever his requirements are they’ll be the ones you’d have to meet; and most raid invites are fairly sure that their opinion is right. 🙂 That’s the advantage of running the raid, an its probably worth trying to accept it gracefully so you’ll get an invite the next time. Hard I know.

    However I can tell you that I was less than +700 unbuffed SpDam on my Warlock’s first Karazhan run, and I still did OK. I didn’t even get close to the top of the damage meter, and spent a lot of the run trying to figure out what was going on. Some of it dead too. Most of the group had been there before, and they needed any extra dps to fill the slot. I was happy to go, and they took me as an unknown quantity.

    So don’t give up, and keep tweaking your gear. I’m sure you’ve found that its a slow steady process, and that elusive 700 will come around. Take a look at the pvp rewards (necks), and the stuff available from normal runs. It might take time, but its worth it.

    You might also find that how keen they are for a Warlock will depend if they already have one. Karazhan has some fights that are far easier if you have a Warlock. Illhoof and Netherspite are great for Warlocks, and everyone seems to like the Detect Invis, and the Banish that you bring to the group.

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