Moving to Mac

gauntletThe company I work for is moving a few of us from Windows PCs to Macs as our basic workhorse computer. For the most part I am very excited and stoked about the move. Expectations about the Mac’s interface and design have been built up for years, and since becoming an iPhone user (and fanboy), I can see a bright future for a Mac in my daily computing life. In fact this post is a test post of sorts to see how the beast will handle with my daily chores.

Things that have already impressed me

  • General presentation of the OS and the Macbook Laptops is excellent.
  • Application installation is not too hard, but the different behavior of some installation sets is frustrating. Certainly easier than Windows installs.
  • The tab sort, application switching, and finding a running application window is awesome.
  • The Minimise function is excellent.

Things that will improve with time or not sure

  • The laptop runs hot, to the point where its uncomfortable to rest your hand on.
  • The learning curve is very steep initially.
  • The keyboard surface and case is already marked, and appears to age quickly.
  • The new keyboard layout is skewed differently to a standard keyboard, which means I now peck to type.

Things that piss me off

  • Everything is a short-cut key combo. I don’t like using shortcut keys that much, especially when the  combo is a cryptic mess of alts+option+ctrl with a-z as the triggers.
  • The light sensitivity adjustment settings are rubbish. Every 1-3 minutes my keyboard backlight flashes on, then disappears. And I have already turned off the low-light adjustment of the LCDs brightness, which was fading for 1 second then returning to normal. I like the idea of a backlight, but the user should know how/where to set this up. Its caused by a few light sensors in the keyboard left and right side.
In the next part I’ll talk through an example of migrating a few applications – Warcraft in particular.