Transfering WoW Servers

Over the past few months the ambient population on Eonar has been steadily decreasing. Pugs are harder to get, and many players don’t seem to be on as much. This could be due to the natural process of folks getting bored, but it seems that there is a drain away from US servers toward Oceanic servers in my hours of play. And that makes sense as Aussies want to play with other Aussies.

Questing is fine and that can be done on any server, but Instances require coordinated players, and that means a good player base. The alternate is to just do daily quests and pvp; which for me is pretty boring. My play style (or lack of dedication to hardcore raiding) means that I need a large group too, as my slackness won’t impact them.

Looikng about at servers the Oceanic realms seem the way to go, and we’ve earmarked Nagrand as the destination realm. It has a high population, mature markets, and most importantly it seems to have a lot of toons online. Its also a PvE realm which is an absolute requirement for good play.

We’ll be leveling some toons (a mage, paladin, druid and warrior) as well as transferring some well geared 70s. Our high level toons are all Kara and Gruul geared; classes include a Warlock, Mage, dps Warrior, dps Pally, and then some who still need a bit of work like my Pally tank.