Is Warcraft’s community going down the Crapper?

What_crapper_told_me Most days I like the WoW community. There are jerks around, but generally those people don’t cross my path so its kind of OK.

The other day while questing on my mid 20s Druid I was challenged out of the blue by a Hunter. Now I don’t like PvP, duels, etc, so I declined the request, and thought nothing of it. But then the Hunter called be a bitch for saying no; and I had a headache, so I replied in kind.

He took that as intended and made a wonderful mess with racial intollerance and sexual suggestions. I’m blunt, but I think he might need a case worker.

The situation was made worse by replying with harsh language, and telling somebody to fuck off is certainly rude – but then so is randomly sending duel challenges and calling those people who refuse a bitch. In fact I consider it rude to challenge somebody to a duel without talking to them first, especially when they are clearly running on their way somewhere.

I have not reported Crapper, as I’m really more annoyed by his presumption and language than anything else, but I’d love to see the look on his face if he did get a 24 hour ban. Its jerks like that should not play in community based activities. I bet his e-peen is huge.