Aussie Guild Names

Naming things in games is great fun, and I like trying to find names that are distinct as well as effective (and unoffensive).

These are the guild names that stuck out for an Australian guild, which wouldn’t take itself too seriously.

  • Cooking With Gas
  • A Dead Cert
  • A Dogs Breakfast
  • Elbow Grease
  • Five Finger Discount
  • Give it Heaps
  • Home and Hosed
  • On the Nose
  • On For Young And Old
  • Spit the Dummy

Some other words that are distinctly Aus, but I couldn’t think of a good combination: Dead Horse, BYO, cark it, dodgy, down under, dutch oven, esky, lucky country, bloody, strewth.

4 thoughts on “Aussie Guild Names

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  2. You forgot the most obvious of all great Aussie guild names:

    She’ll Be Right
    She’ll Be Right Mate

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