Patch 2.3.2

Patch 2.3.2 delivers a lot of buffs, some significant tweaks, and only a few nerfs. In other words is a good patch, and I think it was designed to edge towards where each class should be heading.

For Paladins this is a good patch.

  • Santified Judgement change is great for all, especially the Retribution spec.
  • Crusader Strike change is great for starting and leveling paladins, but I can see some folsk not being please that +spell dam is not applied. I like it and think it far more reflects what a Retribution Paladin is supposed to be like.
  • I had no idea that Righteous Fury was costing double mana, and its good to see it fixed.

For Warlocks there is nothing major – in fact they might not notice the patch, due to not getting nurfed.

For Shaman its a good, but minor patch – they didn’t really need a buff, but its a minor buff.

Hunters got some minor love and some important fixes, especially the pet leveling time reduction.

The networking algorithm known as “the Nagle algorithm” was disabled. I’ll go out on a limb here and say that this is good, only becuase (a) I suffer under a lot of latency, (b) I think the NA is designed to hold traffic for efficient transfer, and (c) efficient transfer in online games is totally different than in most other TCP applications.

Perhaps this was due to the increased load from voice apps, or they found that holding traffic was making folks get spurts of lag, rather than a consistent degree of latency. Whatever – I hope I can get below 550 regularly.

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