How to raise your weapon skill

Update: As Weapon Skills have been removed from the game, this post is moot.

Feel free to continue reading for the hell of it though, and please comment, and/or just send cake. I like cake.

When leveling an Alt, I often ignore the weapon skills that are not in use for the leveling build. However sometimes you change weapon skills, and need to raise them. And that is a pain – so here is some advice on leveling weapon skills.


  • Read the comments on this post – some of the best information is in them, and you’ll get regular updates as folks comment.
  • The level of the mob has nothing to do with how fast your skill will go up. If you swing 100 times at a level 1 mob you’ll gain the same amount as swinging at a much higher level mob.
  • Find mobs that will gain you XP – if you don’t want your time to seem like a complete waste. This means you’ll get some XP, but will also be at a much higher risk. Maybe 2 levels lower is good.
  • Or pick mobs that have no chance of killing you, say 25-30 levels lower. This way they have enough HP to survive more than 1 hit, but not be any danger at all.
  • Use junk or normal (gray or white) weapons, as they will do less damage per swing, and you’ll get more time with the mob before moving on.
  • Choose a weapon with a fast attack speed, as this means more swings per minute.
  • New: The Argent Tournament weapon does 1-2 pts per swing, so it has to be considered for this, although I’m not sure what weapon skill it would apply for. Pole arms?
  • An excellent and easy source of junk weapons is starting toons. Make a character, send its junk gear to your character and delete it.
  • Don’t wear your best gear, as repairs can be expensive (epic repair bills are no fun). Either wear junkier gear, or none at all.
  • Get an +Int buff to help your character learn quickly. This was quasi-confirmed by a community manager in late 2007, but may have still changed. As long as the buff is free, its no waste to grab one just in case. (edit: I had this backward/wrong, thanks Benny)
  • Have healing planned, or have somewhere to run to – as you might end up low on health.
  • Apparently this also affects Trade skills, if so that is legendary for power-training (see the comment below)

Class Tips:

  • Warlocks should banish the mobs, or get a warlock to banish the thing you want to fight.
  • Paladins have an Attack Speed buff, so use that too. More swings is what you’re after.
  • Dual wield if you can – it will increase the swing rate.
  • Some class special attacks count as swings or attacks too, so use these. These are sometimes best on mobs that are immune to the attack, like using Rend on Undead.

Where to go?

  • Pick an instance, as the mobs are tougher and won’t die as quickly.
  • Stockades is great as it is close to a vendor to sell the junk drops, and can get some Twink gear that sells well. Re-spawn is also very fast in the Stockades.
  • Dire Maul is apparently the “new black” of weapon skill raising. Big Bear Butt even created a video showing how to get there. He is a god in fury clothing.

Who to kill?

  • Servant of Allistarj, in the Blasted Lands. This mob about 54 or 55, and is immune to attack unless you’re on the quest, or attack the Orb near him. Grind away. [update: apparently they nurfed this]
  • Corrupter of ??, in Shadowmoon Valley, are immune to attack, and should not aggro till you attack the totems.
  • Dr Boom in Netherstorm is good for ranged attacks, as his bombs will not reach you.
  • Boss 1 in Shadow Labs, if you can get behind him without activating the mobs near him.

Happy skill raising.

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  1. I’d also add to this: if you’re a hunter (or a warlock), turn your pet to passive. You’ll get a lot more hits in if your pet doesn’t kill the mob first. 😀

  2. Sorry but you are wrong, Intellect does indeed effect the rate at which you gain weapon skill. It used to be part of the tooltip for intellect and they did NOT remove the mechanic when they removed the tooltip.

    Go test for yourself, go naked and level a 2 handed weapon skill, then equip a ton of …of Intellect gear, then level another 2 handed weapon skill with a similar speed weapon. You will notice the difference in speed once you reach higher levels.

    I tested this myself with my Hunter and leveled Polearms and 2handed Swords about a month before BC release and can confirm….

    Intellect DOES affect the rate you gain skills…..

    Including tradeskills

    Here is a blizzard poster making reference to it….;jsessionid=B6EF3E1D0074AD8C1F3CB4E8E4CABF44?topicId=75342099&sid=1

    Scroll down about halfway for green text.

  3. @Benny,

    Well I’m glad to be wrong! Thanks for pointing that out, I’ll update the post.

    However you’ll see that the post you’re referencing is a community manager, not a Blizzard Blue. Also consider the comments were made in 2007, which may have changed since. I did some digging at the time (early 2008) of the post and could not find evidence to confirm or deny, but read that the tip was changed.

    I suppose if the Int buff is free and not affecting your performance, then go for it. also has an entry now too.

  4. Good advice; I was looking for info on if level affected training speed. Just as an update, I recently went after Dr. Boom, and he’s been given a ranged attack.

    The Drake Eggs in Shoalazaar Basin are a good choice for low damage attacks. But there is the risk of Drakes, so it’s best to have high damage weapons or spells available.

  5. Good advice; I was looking for info on if level affected training speed. Just as an update, I recently went after Dr. Boom, and he’s been given a ranged attack.

    The Drake Eggs in Shoalazaar Basin are a good choice for low damage attacks. But there is the risk of Drakes, so it’s best to have high damage weapons or spells available.

  6. My problem is I have done 8 stocks runs trying to lvl my 2h mace from 399 to 400 and it wont level any advice? Ive even tried to level it while doing my dailes but no luck yet

  7. Unfortunately sometimes it just takes ages. My polearm skill is also 399, and I’ve done at least four instances using it with no change. Yet my one handed sword skill went up in an almost linear fashion. As long as you’re doing stuff that does not require optimal performance (quests and dailies too) then just keep at it.

    I’m dreading doing Unarmed too. Half of my abilities require a weapon, so that will be a frustratingly slow experience.

  8. I got my 400 polearm skill today doing the Sons of Hodir rep. :)…and 399 Mace by doing Scholomance. All I need is 25 points in Unarmed and 1 point in Mace.

  9. The best place for easy-mode weapon skill is Dire Maul. At the end of the northern wing is a circular room where you will find King Gordok. Don’t attack the king. Around the outside of the room are ghosts/spirits who can be attacked but do not retaliate. You can attack them indefinitely and get weapon skill for doing so.

  10. That Dire Maul thing is a lot easier than what I was doing.

    I’d go to the first boss in Shadow Lab, sneak around to him while he’s still banished, and go AFK attacking him from the back.

    However, now I know I need to go get some green +int gear.

  11. I used to have an intellect set of greens specifically for doing tradeskills… I think I only missed one or 2 points leveling to 375.

    Recently when leveling tradeskills (without my int set), I have been having as many misses and skill points… so I am off the mind that Int does still influence things.

    But, from memory there was a note on WoWWiki stating that it no longer added anything… but then maybe that was mistaken based on the tooltip

  12. And apparently the 1st boss in Shadow Labs is good if you can get behind him without aggroing the casters near him. He never attacks, but counts as a valid swing.

  13. I’m not sure if it’s still the case but most melee classes have a weapon attack that does little damage – wingclip, hamstring, etc – they are often instant and can be spammed much faster than a normal attack.

  14. Frenzied Ghouls
    are awesome for leveling weapons on, they have about 7k health and only hit for 1-3 even with all your gear off. Just make sure u only pull ones that aren’t in combat or you will get adds, the Skeletal Ravagers hit for about 50 and the Wraath Enforcers hit for about 500 or so.

  15. I level on the neutral tree-elementals in Crystalsong Forest (beneath Dalaran). These neutral trees do a self-heal when they drop below 50%.

    If you equip some crap weapon (vendor-bought, requires level 2-4) you can hit it for several minutes straight without it dying (due to heals).

    As I’m doing it on a pally I simply turn on Seal of Light, I suppose other classes might find them more annoying (due to them doing more damage).

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  17. Hey, I found your blog by googling “how do i raise weapon skill in wow”. Thanks a lot for the tips, I had been struggling for 2 days trying to raise my Polearms weapon skill from 349 to 350 on my Hunter. I levelled my Polearms skill just 10 minutes after implementing some of the tips found here. I play patch 2.4.3 Burning Crusade WoW on a private server, since Cataclysm sucks so much that it is unplayable, and Blizzard refuses to start Classic or TBC servers. Here’s a screenie of me hitting Polearms 350 a few minutes ago: For those interested, I am using X-Pearl, Aspected Again, Pet Bar, Z Hunter Mod, Kharthus’ Hunter Timers and Farm It. How I did it: 1. Fight Deathforge Technicians at Blade’s Edge Mountains. They drain life and steal your armor, making them last very, very long. 2. Use a white weapon you buy from a vendor (I used a lvl 20 one). 3. If you are a Hunter, spam Wingclip Rank 1, and fight in aspect of the monkey, and then switch to aspect of the viper. If you are a Warrior, spam Hamstring. 4. Useful buffs: I used Poached Sunscale Salmon (+6 health/10 secs) and Nightfin Snapper (+8 mana per 5 secs). Many thanks.

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