A Retribution Paladin in his first Instance

Today I did my first instance as a Retribution paladin.

It was great fun and totally beyond my expectations. Initially I thought I’d be a total idiot – needing advice on what to hit and where. But after some initial playing around I got down to business and started to think about what to hit to really make a difference. Dropping mobs was my first priority, protecting the healers and casters, and then DPS like hell.

With that focus there were times when I kept hitting a trash mob even though I knew it was pretty much dead, and the Warlock, Hunter, or Warrior could clean it up (at say 1-3% health remaining). Also watching the clothies kept me on my toes, and huge kudos to the Tank who did that much better than I did, and also kept aggro.

If I’d played a bit more selfishly I suspect that I could have done even better on the DPS meter, but then thats not why I was there.

The net affect was that I was 1st on the Damage Done, and we didn’t have a single death in the run (woot!). This would be a huge achievement except we also had a level 64 Warrior tanking, and a level 65 Druid on healing – so the jobs were pretty easy.

Stats were:

  • 61 Retrib Pally on DPS 29.3%    <– Me
  • 64 Prot Warrior on Tank 27.6%
  • 60 Hunter on DPS 24.8
  • 60 Warlock on DPS 18.1 %
  • 65 Druid on Heals.

And here is a picture (or it didn’t happen…):

Damage chart for Diamon


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