The past few weeks in Warcraft

Being on holidays used to mean manu hours of happy questing, as all you could do was eat turkey and call for the bathroom bucket. Alas no more. Now I’ve spent the last few weeks away from home, and also away from Warcraft.

I was excited to get to maximum Tailoring – and then perplexed that after you spend so creating junjk items to get to 375, then next things you want to make are things to keep (28 slot Sould bag) and would have been great things to get on the path to 375. In future it would be nice if you could put the useful stuff along a creation path, so that teh chracter appeared to learn something as he gains points.

I’m also still flat out impressed with the Epic flying mounts – they make travel and questing so much easier, and its a crime that some people will never have them (due to the cost). I suppose if you’re a very very casual player, then thats one of the tade-offs.

I also started to level my Paladin, and I must say even with a retribution spec, the DPS output of a Paladin appears missing. No way they can hold up against a Hunter, Shaman, Rogue or Warrior who is spec’ed for it – which begs the question about if they are really viable – or just the most practical way to ge to 70 so you can respec for Healing.

More thinking required by Blizzard on them, and certainly by me if I am to continue to play one.