How to manage a development screw-up (Eve Boot.ini)

In development its pretty common to see screw-ups in code. And I’m sure most people have been badly affected by a bug, or some development that is less than ideal.

 Normally the development compnay will gloss over the details, while rushing to fix it,a nd often they’ll use almost any language to avoid admiting they made a mistake. You’ve done very well if they’ll openly apologise.

Not the folks who create the Eve online game. Their dev manager came right out as said sorry, and then proceeded to explain what happened and why.

The post in their blog:

Thats worthy of praise, and I’m honnestly impressed that his language is so natural and very humble. OK, they really screwed up, but they’re recovering in exactly the right way. Have a read, its worth it.

(edited for a few typos)