Trying out a PvP 2v2 Team

With much trepidation I joined a WoW 2v2 Arena team created by a few guildies. Our goal (much like many of the new teams) is to get just enough points to get some of the great gear.

This was my first time in there, and we got spanked every time. Perhaps the team combo of a Priest and Warlock is not ideal, and I have a feeling that you need a CC such as a Rogue to really have a good game. Warriors and Hunters also have fear prevention now too, so its getting to be that all I do is DoT and die.

Oh well, somebody on the Horde side will be enjoying a quick gank, and we’ll get some points along the way.

Team name: Bad BuZZ – and I have no idea what it means, only that its not a drug thing.


One thought on “Trying out a PvP 2v2 Team

  1. I’m a warlock and am having a good time teamed up with a rogue. We’re not the best geared but we’re doing alright against the right types of enemies in 2v2.

    All the holy priest groups I’ve seen (on 2v2 atleast) aren’t doing so hot. They’re targeted first, of course, which is never a good thing when you’re a clothie 🙂

    Good luck in there!

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