iPhone theme for World of Warcraft

In an attempt to raise my nerd factor a little higher, I’ve taken an iPhone theme for World of Warcraft, and updated it as a SummerBoard theme that will run with v1.1.1 of the iPhone software.

The URL is: http://www.users.on.net/~typhoon.andrew/software/iPhone_WoW_theme.zip

Hope you can enjoy.

To use you’ll need to copy these files onto your iPhone and place them into the Themes directory below the SummerBoard directory.

Offline blues

I’m offlie at home, and as its been over 3 weeks now, I’m getting the blues.  No WoW to distract from night time TV, no blohs to sift through, and no capacity to learn about the latest Internet meme.

The issue was initially a screw-up with our home phone line, and then the ISP’s setu was pooched too. Oh Joy.

 The summary of the issue is over on the Whirlpool Forums, and here is a short summary of what its like to diagnose an issue with aDSL provison:

– Faults said it was a Billing or Sales issue, the line was apparently OK.
– Billing said talk to Sales,
– Sales said it was Faults.
– Faults then said it was the ISP.
– Both faults and Sales said it could also be a Wholesale issue, but said I could not speak to Wholesale as they dont talk to the public only the ISPs.
– ISP said talk to Sales and get them to talk to Wholesale; which I did, but Wholesale dont talk to Billing, or Sales, or the customer.
– When I spoke to Wholesale (by insisting) and they said its the ISP or Faults.
– ISP said it was Telstra’s fault, and try to get them to imply they did something wrong, without admitting fault, because they’ll never say they did anything wrong.
– Faults then said they did nothing wrong, but I should be able to get Sales to approve a fix. Sales refused, saying its technical.
– The TIO said to go through Telstra first to resolve the issue, and I laughed out loud at that point.
–> And so on.

<face palm/>