How good are too many Warriors? (distraction)

World of Warcraft has once again pulled me in, and got me thinking about all sorts of strange and new ways to sit still indoors in a chair for hours.

Last night while consuming the last half of a bottle of sharaz, I grouped with an odds party mix: 3x Warriors, a Paladin, and a Warlock (me).

On single mobs:
It got frustrating as I could not dish out damage fast enough to keep up. By the time my 3 second Shadowbolt went off, the mobs were either dead, or so close it was a waste of manna. So the warlock was a little wasted. A bit of comic releif was all I could offer as these guys help me finish up quests.

On groups:
Awesome fun! With so many hitters running around I could pretty pick any mob, and it would have a few Sunders on it. This meant much spam Shadowbolts, and the odd Seed or Corruption. The Tab key on my keyboard finally got a good workout.

My fav combat was the one where I got a few Seeds cast, and they all went off together, and the warriors were already up to their knees in mob blood so it was over quickly.

These other guys were well geared and really know their classes, they also often have a few alts, who are also well played.

Too many warriors is never enough. And I need better gear; which is funny because I seem to attract everything except cloth drops.