Egyptian Antiquities from the Louvre (Very Quick Review)

SA’s Art Gallery has gone to considerable effort and presentation for the Egyptian Exhibition of Art, and myself and a few folk had the pleasure to attend a special viewing.

The viewing crowd was relaxed and very smoozy, much like a corporate get-to-know-each=other night; which was odd for an exhibit, but I think the senitment was honnest – and that alright (more power to them).

Link: Journey of the Afterlife – Art Gallery of South Australia

However the exhibit was underwhelming. Only a few items really struck me as exceptional, and I think most of the “wow” factor was made in the initial few rooms, and then much of what followed only raised the bar slightly. This gave the walk a padded, or puffed out feel, where you expected any moment to see a huge center-piece, that was not present.

I will conceed that I could not have gained a full grasp on what was on offer, as after initially reading 20-30 cards of text, the material did not grab me. If you are a fan of Egyptian Artefacts, then you’ll find a treasure in every case.

Rating: 4/10
Best: Partial stone table, which was very different from the urns and cups which made up most of the exhibit.
Worst: Walking out into the gift shop and seeing the direct corrospondence between the real art, and the cheap knock-offs.