Rant: non-problems and people-problems = dangerious

I’ve been reading recently about a few solutions which don’t have definitive problems, and processes which are designed to limit things which are almost impossible to stop.

In short = FFS stop it.

1) Adobe’s new “off-line online applications” where they are designed to function while online, and then disconnect and keep working (try googling the technology and you’ll find thousands of fan-boys lining up to review it).

Great idea. This is nothing new, and has really limited applications. Airports/planes make sense I suppose, as you could be working; but in most places where I want to work now, I can get email/web; or I have plenty of work already saved on my laptop hard disk so don’t need more. Those places where I can’t get access I often do not want access (bedroom, beach, out with friends).

2) Restricting access to the C: on a public computer. Now this is crazy, as most casual travelers won’t need to access the C: on that PC, and most tech savvy folk have at least three ways around it. So you have a frustrating computing experience, designed to make the tech staff have more relaxation time. {grumble} This comes up as I wanted to use a public terminal to send a file on a thumb-drive and couldn’t.

So I plugged it in anyway, used the open file dialog to copy it locally, then uploaded via Gmail. I had to laugh that the C: was “locked out”, but USB support for drives was still enabled.

End rant.