Minor Wishlist for Warcraft

Most sites and blogs there days have lists of changes, so here is my take.

For the most part this is all about the cosmetic or peripheral side of the game, and thats because I’m not a fan of PvP, which seems to be the focus for development until recently.

1 – Turn off displaying Shoulder items just like Helms and Cloaks.Some of the shoulders just look plain sad, and I’d rather not see them. This could be taken to an extreme, and disable any item, but thats a bit to far.

In a perfect world the items would have a transparent or selectable colour, which matches the base colour you select, or the base colour of the Tabard you are wearing.

This way your Fire Mage can have red highlights, the Pallys can all be pink-ish, and Undead characters can maintain their EMO black-look.

2 – Give characters a Guild-bank which is visible to all members, but only an officer can hand out gear. This does not need a DKP-ish tracker, and could easily be part of a wider guild-friendly update.

Pretty low priority, but a big change that would help the community feel of the game.

3 – Make the multi-mail sending part of the default game. Please, its just such a core need that it sucks to have to add this via a mod.

4 – Create Scrolls, and other single use disposable items. These could be added into enchanting, or added as a new profession like Scribe.

5 – Create Bows, Arrows, Staves, etc = Woodworking Profession. Hunters and Rogues would be interested, as would all staff wielders.

6 – Move some Cloaks into Tailoring, and keep some in Leatherworking. Or just add new ones in Tailoring as it does not make sense.