Warcraft Armory – needs more resources

Blizzard has added a new sub-site that allows searching for players, guilds, weapons, etc… All from one location – called the Armory.

Great idea and in combination with that auction-house site from a few month back, it would be almost like we can research while not logged-in.

But the need to fix the service – its too slow! Check it out, but be patient, its either fully overloaded already, or has a crappy amount of cpu and bandwidth to support it.

On a sarcastic note: maybe this will allow the Gold-farmers to target their demographic in a much more efficient manner?

As an example here is Aurac my Warlock.

Noggaddicts has a great review and summary of the site, but the response from the community is mixed.

Have to also question how often it is updated. If the data is only grabbed once per week, then it will not get the real uptake it needs. eg. My grinding from yesterday has yet to show.

Are you:
1 – Worried about Privacy: This information was almost available due to the tracking and inspection mods that have been around for ages. This is nothing new, just a site that does better, has ALL the data, and is open for anyone to use.

So its most likely that we could already check out most of somebodies details, but now its a sure thing – the privacy stick is being waved. Meh. Its a game after all, and players don’t own their characters, we rent usage of them. There certainly does not seem to be any linking of player data with character data.

Some people are saying that its just like the government saying “if you have nothing to hide, you shouldn’t care”. No, stop, think please. This is a world apart from the real world, and my RL details are to be protected, but the same folk are lost in between these two worlds already.

2 – killing sites that do this already: also not a big deal. Frankly having Blizzard do this automatically is better for me that using a mod. Gear and spec definitions will still get used at Warcraft Realms and such, so this is good for the 80%-90% of players that are not hardcore, and not wearing a tinfoil hat, living in their basement.