A neutral perspective on CMS myths and selection.

Early last year the CMS market really started to get competitive (as if it wasn’t already spread enough).

In Australia that meant international companies sending sales and technology staff across the pond to talk directly to Aussie businesses, and make real connections; meaning local sales.

Toby Ward’s Blog had a summary and a few key points to make about CMS, and its a great little list of “traps for young players”.

However my take on the Ziff Davis source article, and Toby’s comments will hopefully (A) grant a perspective inside the CMS industry, and (B) more meat into the sandwich around these points.

Grain-of-Salt-Disclaimer: I work for a company that produces a CMS, so my comments come from practical experience. They also should not be viewed in isolation. Take it as read that I like our company and products, and will continue to work in application development no matter what happens in the future.
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