Getting perspective

This week is about thinking, getting organised, and defining what is to come.

About once a year I used to sit back and look at whats happened, and what the next few steps will be. Its a de-brief and chill moment, and it usually happens around the end of year holiday break.

Not this December though, due to the huge amount of stuff going on, and all the traveling and entertainment that I happily distracted myself with.

So I feel refreshed? Yes. Got perspective? Not yet.

So my plan is…..

– Get to terms with which activities I’ll spend my out-of-hours on.
– Plan a set day each week for free form writing. Just a time to write whatever comes into my head, even if its useless. I used to do this years ago and had some great discoveries and ideas from it.
– Listen to more Podcasts and news in travel times.

Venture Voice Podcast #43, with a Fred Selbert interview is excellent. Anyone who is in media, internet, business start-up, or corporate machines should listen to this podcast. Its a real perspective on what his philosophy of life is, and how that mixes into his governance of businesses. direct mp3 link.

– Anything WoW related that is professionally delivered. Avoid all junk sites and junk casts. The Instance is a good example of a podcast doing it well.

Side note
This made me laugh: Useless Account and thats important too.